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Israeli Forces Raid University Disguised As Journalists

Palestine's Ministry of Education has formally demanded that Tel Aviv release 340 students from prison. Sabri Saidam the Palestinian Minister of Education called out Israel on the detentions and other violations of international law. Omar al-Keswani, head of the student council at Birzeit University was arrested last week by Israeli forces. Saidam described the scene at the time, “A massacre was about to take place on campus as Israeli forces opened fire during the raid” to arrest al-Keswani, Saidam adding that the raid was “organized state terrorism and unprecedented arrogance.”

Saidam has also called upon the International Federation of Universities as well as Unesco to step in in regards to Israel's violations of international law. There are 311 students currently in custody, Saidam reported at a press conference. Saidam referred to the raid as “organized state terrorism and unprecedented arrogance.”

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The raid began with Israeli forces disguised as journalists claiming they wanted to interview them after which they were attacked and arrested. Saidam claims they fired indiscriminately into the crowd. The Journalist Support Committee has gone on the record to denounce the "exploitation of the press profession by the occupation for military purposes" and believe the actions here constituted "a serious infringement on the press professiona dn a dangerous precedent that endangers the lives of Palestinian journalists."

It is Saidam's belief that the Israeli occupation is specifically targeting students and the Palestinian education system in general. In addition, nine students were killed and 603 injured by IDF as of last year. Defense for Children International, Israel has detained, interrogated, arrested or jailed over 10,000 minors in under two decades.


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Anonymous No. 20495 2018-03-13 : 15:19

Please don't bring this shit to the USA!! If the antifags keep up the fascism and preventing peoples expressions of the 1st amendment this will be at our universities!

Anonymous No. 20565 2018-03-14 : 11:33


It happened back in 2015.

The Palestinian students were raided for planning terrorist attacks, violent protests and recruiting others. —– >Kiswani told media in 2015 that he and fellow activists have been detained by security forces and interrogated about their political activities.


While the stabbing of an Israeli soldier by a Palestinian attacker posing as a journalist

seems to be more acceptable tot he media.

Anonymous No. 20574 2018-03-14 : 12:57

>> 20565

Do you have sources on that? Also, are those sources some of the same outlets that Netanyahu has been bribing or threatening in order to receive favorable coverage? There are now 3 former confidantes turned state's witness. Two of them have audio or video recording of the Netanyahus openly planning to make sure the media only says what they want it to.

Not saying it's not so, just saying I'd like to know more background before I personally make up my mind about it.

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