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The Children's Crusade: Grassroots Or Astroturf?

Kurt Vonnegut's seminal novel Slaughterhouse-5 was subtitled, "The Children's Crusade." The Children's Crusade really happened. At one point, the geniuses in charge of medieval Europe assumed that it would take the innocence of children to take on the marauders occupying the Holy Lands during those "good ol' days" of Deus Vult. Well, obviously it was a disaster. It turns out that preteens just don't generally make the best warriors, especially in medieval era combat.

The new children's crusade grew out of the Parkland shooting. At its surface, this is a grassroots movement led by the children and for the world. As it turns out, however, the grassroots may actually be somewhat astroturfed. Oprah Winfrey, George Clooney, Steven Spielberg and even Jared Kushner's little brother have collectively given millions.

In addition to the big money and big names (which also include Jimmy Fallon and Justin Bieber) supporting the "spontaneous" march, there are other issues some have brought up. For instance, there are those who found it somewhat suspect that David Hogg had a cozy relationship with news media long before he became the media darling he was today, from attending a day camp for aspiring journalists run by CNN to apparently being coached on what to say while on camera for the self-same media giant. Then there's the fact that other students have come out saying that they declined taking part in the CNN "town hall" event when they refused scripted answers.

Then there's also the case of a tweet a Twitter user who claims they are a student from a California public school alleging administration is forcing students to participate. Since the person in question is underage, we won't report their name, but I did track down the profile and it appears to belong to a high school age Republican, but we cannot verify their claims currently though we will be reaching out via Twitter to learn more if possible.

“I am a student in a California public school. We are being forced to participate in the #MarchForOurLives walkout by our administrators.”

In a second tweet, the student further elaborated.

“When you see the news reporting on this, believe me, the students were forced to protest. Do not think that this is an actual uprising. It’s not. It’s staged.”


Twitter: #Parkland #MarchForOurLives #MAGA

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Anonymous No. 20510 2018-03-13 : 21:13

the scripted questions, is that true. Boy's father wanted him to read a statement. I need good independent sources on the scripted questions.

Anonymous No. 20564 2018-03-14 : 11:07

The general Liberal solution to all problems is to BAN the Thing, and not address the Mental Health issues of the person (usually a Liberal) committing the Crimes.

If the Firearm age is raised to 21 so should EVERY item that requires Adult Mental stability.

Such ad Voting, Driving, Military Enlistment, Legal Contacts, Credit cards, and more.

Plus I am all for restricting violent shoot'em up Computer Games to 18+

Looking at this from a purely statistical prospective.

We have about 110Million Gun Owners in the USA.

We have over 420 Million Firearms in private ownership in the USA.

We have over 200 Billion Rounds of Ammo at any time in citizens hands.

We have a population of about 340 Million.

In 2017 we had less than 8,000 MURDERS by Firearms*

If you bother to do the math the odd are figured something like:

Blaming the Gun:

420,000,000 / 8000 = 0.0019047619047619045 of 1% a person will be murdered by the a Firearm.

Blaming the Person:

340,000,000 / 8000 = 0.0023529411764705885 of 1%

Blaming the Bullet:

200,000,000,000 / 8000 = 0.000004 of 1%

Blaming the previously Convicted Felons which commit about 92% of all murders.

6,100,000 /8000 = 0.13114754098360656 of 1%

Blaming the GANGS:

Nearly 95 % of all gang-related killings involved guns.

The mathematical solution is clear Ban Gangs and execute violent convicted felons.

BTW: Firearms related shootings, and deaths have steadily been dropping since 1990's

In 2017 we had more stabbing, or Car, or Medical malpractice deaths than Firearm related Murders.

* Murders vs Homicides

Murders only count actual murders using a firearm.

Homicides count ANY type of gun death. Including Self-defense uses, Police or Civilians shooting a Armed Criminal. Accidents and the 62% by Suicide that make up all Gun related deaths.

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