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Video - Fatal Salt Lake Courtroom Shooting Released

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A dramatic video from a courtroom surveillance camera captured the fatal shooting of a defendant when he tried to attack a witness testifying against him. Salt Lake City authorities released the video Monday showing the fatal shooting of a gang member named Siale Angilau.

Angilau can be seen in the video jumping up from his seat and grabbing a pen from his attorney's hands and rushing the witness stand all within just a couple of seconds. As Angilau lunges at the stand the witness manages to dodge his potentially fatal attack. Instead, it is Angilau who is faced with fatal consequences after a U.S. Marshal shot him.

The officer who fired the shots has only been identified as "Deputy Jane Doe" but it is known she fired four shots killing the gang member where he stood. Friday, United States District Judge John E. Dowdell granted the summary judgment and ruled the plaintiff's excessive force lawsuit was unfounded and dismissed it.

Angilau's family say the U.S. Marshall who fired the shots was out of line when she fired several shots into his back after he was "already incapacitated" but in the split second heat of the moment you really can't know that. Ultimately the judge ruled the U.S. Marshall acted within her lawful duties.

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Anonymous No. 20562 2018-03-14 : 10:26

Some additional facts: (Happened on April 21, 2014)

This was a ruling by a judge that the shooting was deemed justified and the families Lawsuit was without merit.


Siale Angilau, a member of the Tongan Crips gang, stood up, grabbed a pen or pencil, and ran towards the witness stand before launching his body at him.

The witness, another gang member who was shackled and chained, managed to sink into the corner of the courtroom and avoid the 25-year-old.

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