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Utah - A Cold Turned Into A Quadruple Amputation For This Mother Of Six

In a rare turn of events, a once whole mother of six in Utah underwent a quadruple amputation in order to save her life after she got sepsis. The events leading up to the amputations started when Tiffany King, 38, contracted a common cold that turned into pneumonia and ultimately into sepsis.

Rielly Fonohema, King's niece, said her aunt has Ankylosing Spondylitis, a form of arthritis that attacks the spine and other large joints in the body. Because King was taking Humira to treat her arthritis, the medication weakened her immune system crippling her body's ability to fight off pneumonia.

When King's illness worsened she contracted sepsis, a life-threatening blood infection which can quickly kill its victim. The sepsis reduced her chances of living from 70 percent to 15 percent in a just a few days. "Tiffany is currently engaged to my Uncle Moe, my dad's brother," Fonohema said.

"She's been the most humble, positive light that our family has ever had and we've been blessed to welcome her into the family."

Fonohema continued saying, "She is 38 with 6 amazing kids: Nesi 27 (adopted from our family), Davontae 19, Inoke 16, Robbie 10, Mckelvey 7, and Jamison 4. They've been together for 4 years, and all 4 years she's become the biggest blessing our family has had, from letting us have family parties in her own home to letting us feel as though her home was our home. These last 3 months have been difficult for our family because we were dangerously close to losing her."

King's niece explained the medical events further saying the doctors at the hospital put King on Levophed to treat low blood pressure and heart failure but the medication shunted off the blood from her extremities. The lack of blood essentially caused the limbs to die which required doctors to amputate.

The rare quadruple amputation has left King with the need for a total of four prosthetic limbs which will cost around $250,000. The prosthetic limbs are not covered by her health insurance. "At this point, the medical bills, the cost of the prosthetics, the renovating of the home to accommodate to Tiffany and other things that our family will need to financially support her family, we need all the financial support we can get," King's niece explained.

"There is no one you'll find more deserving, more loving and humble than Tiffany Fonohema (King)."

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Anonymous No. 20538 2018-03-14 : 04:31

Jesus, just put the poor thing out of her misery

Anonymous No. 20570 2018-03-14 : 11:54


Burn the coal, pay the toll.

Anonymous No. 20599 2018-03-14 : 17:32

No. 20538 and 20570 - shame on you both!!

This is a woman with a family, not a stray cat you hit on the highway. Have some decency and respect for life and her loved ones.

Tiffany, maintain your optimism!! Sending you and your family thoughts and prayers to find what the new 'normal' is for you all and wishes for a healthy recovery.

Barb No. 20662 2018-03-15 : 09:12

Humira. Why I avoid doctors. Drugs will kill you.

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