By: Kyle James | 03-15-2018 | News
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Nashville Students Tear Down American Flag, Trash Police Car

Apparently what is considered peaceful protesting has changed completely since students protesting gun laws in the wake of the Parkland school shooting feel entitled to destroy the American flag and police property.

March 14 was supposed to be a peaceful protest where students walked out of their classrooms in protest of guns. Even walking out of your class is not the right way to protest much less tearing down the American flag. That is what students at Antioch High School near Nashville, Tennessee did Wednesday.

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The so-called "peaceful protest" soon turned into chaos on the school grounds as hundreds of kids who are told they are entitled to act however they choose by mainstream media who promote this kind of behavior by giving encouraging students to protest. It's not clear why these students think destroying property paid for by taxpayers is "their right".

A Metro Nashville Public Schools spokesman said no students were injured and security swiftly took control of the situation. The school's statement said:

"Unfortunately, some students on our Antioch campus today chose to protest in ways that significantly disrupted school operations and threatened the safety and order for other students and staff within our school,” district spokesperson Michelle Michaud told the TV station. “Swift action was taken by school security and [police] to address the situation … We look forward to welcoming students back tomorrow for a great day of teaching and learning."

Despite destroying both city and school property, the police made no arrests or citations. Leonor Muñoz, a senior at Stoneman Douglas, said "We shouldn’t be here, but we are because we can’t deal with the idea of this happening again. We should be studying for a test we will probably fail."

The liberal ideology that promotes this type of thinking is counter-productive and there seems to be no one in these children's lives to explain to them that they can't see around corners and have no life experience to base their understanding of these complex issues. Do any of these students really think that walking out of their classrooms during class is going to benefit anyone?

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Barb No. 20664 2018-03-15 : 09:20

The school supports this s**t. Chew on that. Get your kids out of public school. Nashville, we hardly knew ye'.

Anonymous No. 20666 2018-03-15 : 10:26

While I am color blind, I am not that color blind.

Since we have Video I wonder if the Police will investigate the students and mix up some faces for felony arrests.

Doug No. 20671 2018-03-15 : 11:01

This those damn kids to another country and let them pull that shit. They won't live to tell about it.

Anonymous No. 20682 2018-03-15 : 13:36


Get the gas

Dumb Ass Republican Propoganda! No. 20697 2018-03-15 : 15:36

Tearing down flag

Rioting Students


Destroying Police Car


Pushed on by Mainstream Media

All the makings of a Pulitzer Prize-worthy PUKE FEST!

Your writers need to be more original…used ass wipe is more original than this! Throw in some Agent Orange, VX Nerve Gas, Kim Jong Un, Lamb a Sham and Stormy!

Don't forget to be pro-gun-control! That would be really original for a pack of Deplorable Repugnicant writers (Fake Reality News).

Alana Hoff No. 20715 2018-03-15 : 18:54

Time to teach the truth to our students and recognize without the freedom to keep and bear arms we can be like those in China too.

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