By: Kyle James | 03-16-2018 | News
Photo credit: Broward County Sheriff's Office

Security Video Shows Broward Deputy Standing Outside School During Shooting

The controversial actions, or inaction, of the Broward County Sheriff Deputy who stood outside instead of trying to save the lives of students, was highlighted today when the sheriff's office released security footage of the deputy standing outside Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school.

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The video shows 54-year-old Broward County Sheriff Deputy Scot Peterson as he stands outside of the school February 14 while deranged school shooter Nikolas Cruz gunned down dozens of students and staff. The government Democrats who want more gun control will always provide the reasoning that citizens don't need guns, only the government needs guns because the government will protect you.

This is a perfect example of how the government won't always be there to protect you, in fact, most of the time they only show up after a crime has been committed to draw the chalk lines. The Broward County Sheriffs and the FBI both failed to stop Cruz despite 30 or more contacts with law enforcement that demonstrated he was a violent and unstable person.

Democrat pandering Sheriff Scott Israel blasted Peterson saying he should have "went in, addressed the killer, killed the killer." But what Sheriff Israel doesn't say is that department policy doesn't actually require deputies to enter an active shooter situation and confront the shooter.

Vague and carefully worded policy written to always make sure the department has a legal out actually says that deputies "may" confront the shooter. It does not say deputies "will" confront the shooter, a small detail in policy that proves Peterson, although his actions were cowardly, did not violate his department's policy.

If you're going to elect anti-gun Democrats into positions of authority like Israel, you might want to know the policy his department is operating under. Maybe if the parents of the deceased children knew that deputies had no obligation to try to save their children in the event of a shooting then they wouldn't have elected Israel or sent their children to the public school shooting range.

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Coward of the county

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