By: Kyle James | 03-16-2018 | News
Photo credit: Ellison for Senate campaign

This US Senate Candidate Wants To Arm Homeless With Shotguns

In an unusual conflict of party political values, a Michigan man running as a Libertarian for the U.S. Senate proposes arming homeless with shotguns in order to deter violent crimes. Usually, liberals are against arming citizens with firearms but Brian Ellison says he has no fears the shotguns would be misused.

If you're wondering why Ellison is running as a liberal but promoting firearms, well his ideology still overwhelmingly reflects liberal values. "Not only are the homeless constantly under threat from would-be criminals, but they are also under threat from governments at various levels that criminalize activities that homeless people rely on for survival."

So, Ellison's reason for arming the homeless is so they can shoot government workers looking to do their job by enforcing the law? Ah, now it makes sense why he is running as a Libertarian. His unusual views are likely too outlandish to get him elected to the Senate.

Maybe the solution to the violent crimes the homeless face should be to get rid of the homeless people? Contrary to what liberals think about helping homeless being a good thing, promoting homelessness is very dangerous to everyone around them.

After one homeless tent camp was torn down in California recently, over 13,000 hypodermic needles and several tons of human waste were removed from the river where the homeless were living.

"I don't know why the homeless are viewed as such a different type of people as the rest of us," Ellison said. "I carry a gun with me all the time, and I don't victimize anyone. I wouldn't expect that the homeless would use their weapons to fight off the police who are asking them to leave. I think the homeless would use their weapons to protect themselves from being victims of violent crimes."

It is this type of backward, liberal ideology that would try to provide more free stuff to homeless people at the expense of hardworking, American taxpayers. Here is an idea Mr. Ellison, how about those homeless people get a job and buy their own shotguns?

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Anonymous No. 20742 2018-03-16 : 05:22

If they're homeless, how can they afford the shotgun shells?

Anonymous No. 20748 2018-03-16 : 10:58

I figure he is is trying to use an absurd example to promote Gun Control.

What we call Reverse Psychology .

Terry Pratt No. 20749 2018-03-16 : 11:03

Um, no. Libertarians - classical liberals, as opposed to modern liberals - oppose government handouts, and support lower taxes and smaller government generally. More liberty, less government intervention.

California is a special - and not in a good way - case because it is the NIMBY capital of North America. It's housing problems are largely their own creation, as the private sector could certainly resolve the ongoing housing shortage if only voters would allow it to do so.

Terry Pratt No. 20751 2018-03-16 : 11:10

p.s. There is no single solution to homelessness because it has multiple causes - some people need to stop abusing drugs, some are mentally ill and need to take their prescribed meds, some need to get off their lazy rears and get a job…some (probably between 10-20 percent) actually work and need ONLY affordable housing.

For those people, the question is whether they should lose their 2A rights when they lose their home.

Anonymous No. 20752 2018-03-16 : 11:44



The best solution is to put them back in asylums. Before Ronald Reagan let all of the non violent crazy people out of the Asylums. There was no appreciable homeless problem in America. It may be considered inhumane to lock up the crazy people, but at least they get fed a proper diet. They get bathed and don't live in the rain and snow.

Anonymous No. 20754 2018-03-16 : 12:59

pretty apparent that this excuse for a legislator does not even understand open or concealed carry laws much less the mental health issues that run rampant in the neglected homeless population.

Anonymous No. 20755 2018-03-16 : 13:00

Terry, one needs to remember that some "homeless" live in homes that the majority of Americans could never afford without winning a lottery or election. I was partially responsible for getting the guy that sat on the off ramp of an interstate in the Midwest with a sign stating "will work for food" he had zero interest in food as he would leave it hidden all over the shoulder of the roadway. He was offered a job and declined, that's when we thought that something more was going on. We hired a private investigator to follow this poor homeless guy just to find out his well dressed wife would drop and pick him at scheduled times in an infinity car. Not cheap, hrmmm we decided to keep digging and the pic found out he had multiple posts during the day but where does he go at night. Well I'll tell you to a home they purchased about 6 months earlier for 476,000. Very pricey for this part of the country. And finally we got a pic of the asshole all cleaned up golfing with a group of other guys. At this point we were done spending $$ tracking down this scammer so instead we gave it all to the local paper that just did a sympathetic piece on the crook now they did a yuge article showing him and detailing his scam. Never saw him again, lesson learned but now I'm suspicious of all beggars/homeless.

Just be careful helping someone that's begging, instead buy them a meal and see how appreciative they are, if they turn their nose at it they only want your hard earned $$$.

Anonymous No. 20808 2018-03-17 : 07:25

Delusional fuckin’ retard

Anonymous No. 20809 2018-03-17 : 07:42


Pretty much why I don't give anything to beggars.

Anonymous No. 20848 2018-03-18 : 09:20


>Watched Hobo with a Shotgun

>Wants to arm homeless people to take over the country

If you ever supported them, you should probably kill yourself when their brand new stunt of "supporting the rights" of brainwashed kiddies who wants their right to arm and defend themselves removed because Gun Free Zones work.

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