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State Seizes Snapping Turtle From Teacher Who Fed It Puppy In Class

A teacher made headlines earlier this week when he reportedly fed his pet snapping turtle a live puppy in front of his class at Preston junior high school. Now, Robert Crosland has had his snapping turtle confiscated by Idaho state officials and could be facing a misdemeanor.

Crosland is also under investigation over the feeding after a local resident filed a complaint with the police. The feeding of a live puppy to a snapping turtle has drawn public outrage and people from across the country are calling and emailing about the incident.

Charlie Justus, a regional conservation officer for Idaho Fish and Game, said it was officials from his agency and the Idaho Department of Agriculture who seized the turtle. Justus said the species of turtle is considered an invasive species and "They compete with our natural wildlife."

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The snapping turtle can be found along the Boise River but a permit is required to keep one or you face a misdemeanor. Justus indicated the turtle could be euthanized or transported out of state to be adopted. The Idaho Humane Society called for an investigation Wednesday and alleged the puppy was mistreated.

An executive director of the Idaho Humane Society named Dr. Jeff Rosenthal said Thursday that he was glad that the authorities were investigating the owner of the turtle. "The community has many questions that we hope can be answered, and the matter resolved through the correct due process," Rosenthal said.

While authorities investigate Crosland, the Preston community has started a petition in support of the teacher. The woman who reported Crosland to the police is now facing threats from local residents. Others who are against the teacher have exposed his personal phone number and address on social media.

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Anonymous No. 20781 2018-03-16 : 19:31

If they care about puppies so much then why do they allow chinese restaurants around?

Anonymous No. 20797 2018-03-17 : 00:47

Dogs are not people. Animals are not people. Animals are not more important than people. That one puppy is not more important than this one man. Kill yourselves, you fucking traitors to humanity, lest you one day decide that owning cats, dogs, or whatever you substitute for having children isn't enough after all and pass on those cuckold genetics of yours.

Anonymous No. 20798 2018-03-17 : 00:59

Animals are people too. We need to give human rights to animals. Afterwards we can begin genocide against the non-sapien human species.

t. not a dog

Anonymous No. 20800 2018-03-17 : 03:23

It was just wrong. For some reason mice, rats, and rabbits are fair game as food for a carnivore, but I draw the line at cats and dogs and I cannot stand cats.

And what kind of moron wants a vicious carnivorous pet like a alligator snapper anyway? Especially in a school? That fucker would take off your thumb or a child's hand easy.

Anonymous No. 20803 2018-03-17 : 04:44

I thought cruelty to animals is now a Class C Felony.

This "teacher" is setting these kids up for deadened feelings towards life. Today, a deformed puppy. Tomorrow, their unborn child who has a defect… or grandma who is in the nursing home, lingering with Alzheimer's..

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