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If Hillary Clinton Were Elected, Would She Have Made It Four Years?

The latest footage of the former first lady Hillary Clinton is even more worrying than the last. While on a trip to India, Clinton requires the help of no less than two men to escort her down the stone steps of a mosque. Even with their help, she falls.

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On the same trip, <a href="">DNA India reported that Clinton suffered another fall,</a> this time in a bathtub at Umaid Bhawan Palace. The fall left her with a fractured wrist and a plaster cast. She walked around Jaipur Thursday in a traditional kurta with a custom extra-long sleeve to hide her cast.

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If Clinton's physical state is so poor that she requires an escort of several men to keep her standing and even then she is still breaking multiple bones on a single trip, would she have been able to survive a four-year term as president? It seems rather unlikely considering how much travel is required for the position.

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Since taking office, <a href="">President Trump made well over 100 trips in 2017 alone.</a> Would Clinton's ailing figure have been able to survive such a rigorous traveling schedule? Factor in the rate of breaking at least one bone a trip and the answer is clear, Clinton was not physically capable of being president.

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In fact, if all of the symptoms displayed by Clinton were being displayed by another person of the same age, one might conclude that they do not have much longer to live. Obviously, she is suffering from some severe medical issues. I don't want to make fun of or disparage Hillary for her medical issues, but it does highlight a problem.

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The idea that everyone around Clinton could actively work to hide her condition from the American people is a problem. Anyone who takes an objective look at any number of her public appearances can recognize she has serious medical issues. For her entire presidential campaign, she and all her supporters lied and hid the truth from the American people.

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Anonymous No. 20847 2018-03-18 : 08:11

She reminds me of my grandmother, 5 weeks before her death.

N2N No. 20852 2018-03-18 : 10:50

If you go back to the fall that caused a serious Brain Injury about 6 years ago, that alone would have excluded her if she were a Conservative.

If you google her Thick Glasses you'll note the LEFT Eye glass lens was the odd looking one.

If you review her slips & falls and you'll note her LEFT Leg tends to be the 1st to go.

If you google Hillary Urostomy (urine) Bag you will see it in several NON-Photo-shopped MSM pictures.

If you google Blood Clot and Hillary you'll find Dec 2012 and Jan 2013 she had a Blood clot removed from her brain.

If you google her SOS resignation date she left office effective February 1, 2013.

Which is within days of the operation to removed the blood clot.

As you poke around you see how CNN was quick defend her and say she did not have a Stroke.

But Blood Clots in the Brain area reduce Motor skills, and bodily function controls.

All items point to a person that currently has a Brain Injury that is causing serious issues.

Yet the Socialists and Liberals still want her even as a Brian Damaged Leader.

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