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Fire Raging Out Control Edges Closer To Trapped Tathra Residents

A raging blaze is threatening the town of Tathra and has already consumed several dozen homes in the area. An emergency alert issued by the NSW Rural Fire Service warned that the fire had crossed the Bega River.

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Emergency services evacuated residents north of Bega River while residents in Tathra were told it was too late to leave. The fire is being fanned by strong winds and very warm temperatures and has already burned through seven kilometers of bushland all the way to the coast. NSW RFS deputy commissioner Rob Rogers said, "We're looking at dozens of homes damaged or destroyed."

"We're trying to get an understanding at the moment as far as how many and to just confirm that everyone is accounted for," Rogers continued. "We've had a number of firefighters that have succumbed to heat stress during the afternoon and into the evening - that's affected a lot of residents as well."

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"It will be really tough for people that are still in that area. If you are south of the Bega River in the Tathra area, seek shelter as the fire impacts. It is too late to leave and fire may block roads. Protect yourself from the heat of the fire. If you are north of the Bega River, and it is safe to leave, leave now towards the north in the direction of Bermagui."

Emergency services have set up an evacuation center at the Bega Showground. To add to the danger, a heat wave is expected for parts of NSW. There is also another fire burning bushland near Kerrisons Lane and Northview Close at Bega.

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Anonymous No. 20858 2018-03-18 : 14:55

Tertha must be in Canada or is it Timbuktu I cannot remember?

S No. 20933 2018-03-19 : 14:34

You are using an unrelated photo of the laundry mat burning down months ago.

Lazy journalism!

Anonymous No. 20935 2018-03-19 : 14:57

To 20933 - thanks, correcting it now.

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