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What Liberals May Not Be Telling Women: The Many Side Effects of Abortion

Proponents and advocates of abortion especially the more aggressive liberals usually anchor their arguments on the idea of free choice for autonomous women who should exercise control over their bodies. Question is- is abortion a safe choice?

Various women either resort to or strongly consider abortion for different reasons, aside from the exercise of free choice, including for those who are unfortunate rape victims making their pregnancies, not of their own will; family pressure usually imposed on women or girls by their parents or partners; poverty and economic reasons because obviously having a baby and rearing one do not come cheap, especially if women will raise their babies on their own without child support from the fathers.

Some reasons may be more valid and acceptable than others for women to consider abortion, but in each and every case comes the question of safety no woman should ignore. It may not be well-known but there are short-term side effects of common abortion procedures. The most common method is carried out by stretching the cervix with dilators and inserting a tube attached to a syringe to suction the fetus out. But this could bring about complications of the surgical vacuum method that can include: abdominal swelling and pain after abortion, excessive bleeding, uterine perforation, incomplete or partial birth abortion, cervical tears and in rare, extreme cases, even death.

The scarier part is abortions may not only bring in short-term risks, they may also result in long-term sufferings and potentially more devastating dangers including cancer. Abortion increases the risk of developing breast cancer due to the different physiological effects in the body. This includes the sudden significant drop in estrogen levels which causes rapid cell multiplication in breast tissues.

Other long-term effects of abortions include infertility, post-abortion syndrome, sexual dysfunction and other psychological disorders and emotional effects of abortion.

There are also other side effects of abortion including spotting and bleeding, vaginal smelling discharge, abdominal and back pain, cramping, nausea, diarrhea and vomiting.

That’s not all for there could also be serious complications after abortions including organ damage, persistent heavy bleeding, infections or sepsis, cervical damage, uterine perforation, scarring of the uterine lining and death.

It’s not just about exercising free choice, but being smart about it, with women putting their own health and safety above all other considerations. They can also explore other alternatives to abortion including continuing the pregnancy, bringing the child to the world, and if they are still not ready for motherhood, can very well put the child for adoption.

Slogans may be nice to hear, but fully being aware of a whole range of choices, not contained to the seeming politically-correct ones, and their implications will be better for all women struggling with the question of whether to go or not with abortion.


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Anonymous No. 20864 2018-03-18 : 16:28

A Woman has a right to her body, although it took 2 to tango.

A Woman can unilaterally terminate at any time up to 8 months.

But A woman is not allowed to be a Sex Worker because the occupation caters to Men.

Go figure?

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