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Shotgun vs. Pocketknife: Brave Texan Saves Girlfriend from Crazed Robber

A robber wielding a shotgun targeted a Texas man in the Oakland hills early Saturday but the potential victim struggled and fought him, bringing out a pocket knife to stab his attacker, and in the process saving himself and his girlfriend from theft and danger to their lives.

The chaotic incident started at around 1:33 a.m. Saturday on Skyline Boulevard located a half mile north of Joaquin Miller Road. The police said the suspect was with a woman at that time and they were driving a BMW, which turned out has been stolen in San Leandro on Thursday. The suspects’ vehicle crashed into a tree, and the man stood on the roadway, appearing as if he was asking for help from drivers passing by.

The Texas man who was also with his girlfriend at that time and who happened to be in the area for a visit and some sightseeing stopped with the intention of helping out. The man got out to check how he could assist the other man in trouble while his girlfriend remained inside the car.

The suspect, a Newark man, then pulled his shotgun and pointed it at the victim in a brazen attempt to rob him of his valuables and car.

The authorities also said that the suspect briefly turned away from the Texas man and pointed his shotgun at the Texas woman in the car, demanding her cell phone and other valuables. At that point, the Texas man decided to take matters into his own hands, and struggled and fought with the shotgun-wielding suspect.

The shotgun went off at one point, but no one was shot or injured by the blast. The struggling men both fell to the ground, then the targeted victim pulled a pocket knife and stabbed the suspect several times to end the struggle in his favor.

Authorities said that based on audio recordings, the man was stabbed at least seven times. One officer even said he suffered from “arterial bleeding.”

The girlfriend called 911 to report the incident. While waiting for the authorities to arrive, the Texas man even provided the suspect and his adversary some first aid until police and paramedics arrived.

The brave Texas man was also treated later for minor injuries.

The suspect was brought to a hospital where he was undergoing surgery. Authorities said the suspect will soon be arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon, attempted carjacking, attempted robbery, and vehicle theft.

The woman from Hayward who was with the suspect at that time will also be arrested. It was not clear what her relationship with the man Newark man was.

Authorities did not release the identities of the suspects, as well as the near victims who fought back to avoid danger but turned out to still be kind enough to ensure that the suspect will not die from his injuries at the scene of the crime.


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Anonymous No. 20922 2018-03-19 : 11:38

Liberals to demand Knife Ban.

Harmful to minorities and their voters.

Anonymous No. 20957 2018-03-19 : 20:15

Fuck Cali

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