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Millennials Believe Diversity Is More Important Than Free Speech

A new survey of college students uncovered a rather startling revelation that a narrow margin of millennials believe diversity is more important than free speech. The study was conducted by the Gallup-Knight Foundation and surveyed 3,014 U.S. college students.

What they found showed the ramifications of diversity programs and liberal social justice ideology being taught in schools and universities. In a statement, the Knight Foundation said, "While U.S. college students show strong support for the First Amendment, many also approve of limits on speech to foster an environment where diverse perspectives are respected."

"These competing views and habits can have an effect on the freedoms that the First Amendment guarantees. Understanding them will help to preserve our most fundamental rights into the future."

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Out of the majority of college students that were surveyed, 56 percent of them still believe protecting free speech rights is of the utmost importance while 52 percent say a diverse and inclusive society is an integral part of democracy.

When asked to choose between the two, a narrow margin found diversity to be more important than free speech. 53 percent found diversity more important while 46 percent found free speech more important. The study highlights the struggle on campus to foster an inclusive environment while exploring diverse views that some may find offensive.

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Some groups considered to be minorities such as women and blacks had a higher likelihood of choosing diversity over free speech. Vice President of the Knight Foundation Sam Gill said the survey was conducted to "enrich our understanding of the context around significant debates that will determine the future of our democracy."

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Anonymous No. 20952 2018-03-19 : 19:00

OK! Snowflakes .

Without Free Speech, how is there Diversity possible?

Dylan No. 20967 2018-03-20 : 00:27

Diversity of thought is much more important than ethnic diversity. Have these college kids heard of a man named Martin Luther King Jr?

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