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Shia Stretches: LaBeouf Plays His Own Abusive Alcoholic Dad

Shia LaBeouf is back again. Attempting to make his "triumphant return" to Hollywood after becoming something of a persona non grata due to his serious drug abuse, alcoholism and other personal issues. Ah, but don't worry, he's got a plan to make it all better. You may recall we covered his sob story explaining how the reason he's been so unhinged and is such a self-centered deluded jerk (basically his words and certainly my sentiments) all stems to his alcoholic and abusive father. It's ironic that he seems to be becoming the same kind of abusive alcoholic jerk himself, but wait it gets better.

In Honey Boy, Lucas Hedges stars as young Shia LaBeouf and Shia will (wait for it, wait for it) play his own father. The basic plot deals with Shia, the young child star trying to come to terms with his alcoholic dad. It's more than slightly autobiographical, of course. The film will be directed by Alma Har'el and produced by Brian Kavanaugh-Jones of Automatik, Daniela Taplin Lundberg of Stay Gold Features and Delirio Films' Christopher Leggett. Fred Berger, also of Automatik is executive producer and Stay Gold Features is footing the bill. For their sake, I hope Stay Gold keeps the receipt and has good insurance)

LaBeouf's last venture into film was in the tennis biopic Borg vs McEnroe in which he played tennis legend, John McEnroe. McEnroe is probably as legendary for his fits of rage as for his serve, so at least LaBuffoon hasn't had to stretch in a bit to really "get into the character." Portraying rage-filled celebrities and bitter alcoholics are a cinch for the former child star. Kind of like when Robert Downey Jr. played Tony Stark. Oh Gosh, how to play a guy with too much money and substance abuse issues, oh right, just look in the mirror and be yourself.

Will "The Beef" be able to break the slump he's been in? In his last interview, he admitted that do to his antics he's found it harder and harder to find work. Chances are we haven't seen the last breakdown from the <a href="">boof</a>.


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