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Photo credit: Times of Israel

Netanyahu Interrogation Postponed Due to 'Strep Throat'

I guess since "the dog ate my homework" didn't seem applicable, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu figured calling in sick was the best idea. The Netanyahus, Benjamin (or Bibi as he is affectionately referred) his wife Sara and son Yair were all to be interrogated by police investigators in relation to the Bezeq scandal and the fraud and corruption charges connected to it. Strep throat was the excuse the PM proferred for holding off the questioning session. As of now, the interrogation should be set for this weekend. Sara, his wife, who is also facing a possible indictment, will be questioned at the same time but at a different location. Considering the fact that two of the last three confidantes to turn state's witness have audio or video recordings to corroborate the fraud and corruption charges it may be interesting to see if the separate questions lead to a case of "the prisoner's dilemma."

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The Netanyahus' son Yair will be questioned in regards the probe for the first time. This inquest is the first since Nir Hefetz became the latest member of the inner circle to testify against the Prime Minister in exchange for immunity. Hefetz and Filber will be on hand as the PM and his wife is interrogated in separate locations in order to get the Netanyahu's version of what happened.

Right now there are three cases (Case 1000, 2000 and 4000) that police are looking into. They have expressed their interest in indicting the PM and as of this weekend his wife Sara as well. There is a fourth investigation, Case 3000, involving close colleagues of the PM but some reports relay that the police investigators may consider question Bibi in regards this case as well. Case 3000 is also in relation to corruption, in this case, related to purchases related to the navy. So far it seems that, once again, bribery, corruption and influence are at the base of the matter.


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Lay off, he's Jewish, you know.

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