By: Savannah Smith | 04-05-2017 | News

Guilty? If Guilty Means Being A Positive Force To Her Father, Then Ivanka Is "Guilty"

Ivanka Trump has decided to speak up for the first time since her announcement of her official position in the Trump administration. And now her critics can all shut up.

Ivanka gave CBS news an exclusive interview to be aired on Wednesday. Ivanka was particularly grilled on critics' claim that she is guilty of remaining silent about her father's supposed controversial policies.

Trump haters said Ivanka should be speaking on those issues like the temporary travel ban on some Muslim countries.

Ivanka smartly said that it does not mean that just because she is not publicly disagreeing with her father on some issues that is she automatically silent about them.

Ivanka pointed out that there are many ways to have one's voice heard. She said it could be through protest, or speaking on TV nightly shows. She said speaking up could also be done in a quiet, direct and honest manner.

Ivanka is, of course, suggesting she is doing her part, even if she's not being too vocal about it. It means she is talking to her father directly instead of talking to the media.

Ivanka's way is more effective. After all, it has long been proven that she is one of the most influential persons to her father. She has been advising him since the campaign. The President has said many times that he admires his daughter. And he listens to her.

Ivanka said she fully supports her father when she agrees with him. But she is also frank with him when she disagrees with him. She said she respects the fact that he listens to her. Ivanka also wishes to continue being an asset to her father.

And to those who use the word "complicit" to criticize her, Ivanka has this to say, sure to shut up the haters: She said that if being "complicit" is wanting to be a force for good and to make a positive impact, then she is "complicit".

That's Ivanka- always smart and classy.

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Anonymous No. 2104 2017-04-05 : 15:28

How could anyone not love Ivanka? Ah unless you're a bitter lib.

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