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Alo Yoga Controversy Regarding Dana Falsetti And Kino MacGregor Continues

Elephant Yoga has published a reply to yoga star Kino MacGregor's scathing indictment of yoga "Goliath" Alo Yoga. In the spirit of "engendering dialogue around difficult and controversial situations and important issues," the journal published an open letter from Paul Javid one of the owners of Cody, the app that was bought out by Alo Yoga. An excellent point made in the disclaimer before the reply by Cody hammers home how "war and litigation help no one. Yoga is union, and the union is difficult - and worthwhile." In truth, the very denotation of the word yoga literally describes the process of a union that the spiritual practice aims to inspire and cultivate.

Elephant encourages both sides "to work this out peaceably and move forward with greater understanding and freedom" but oddly, those who were actually called out in Kino's earlier article (Alo Yoga) still seem to be maintaining a strict vow of silence. The reply opens up explaining that "like Kino, Cody considers itself a defender of the spiritual heart of Yoga." The representative for Cody doesn't go into a great detail about the Alo Yoga affair, but many others have been calling out Alo for multiple issues for years now.

Dana Falsetti, for instance, had <a href="">already run afoul of-of Alo</a> when she became the latest to accuse them of marginalizing people who didn't fit the "Lululemon image" of "what a yoga body looks like." If you don't recall, btw, the owner of Lululemon made some very rude statements about who should and should not be purchasing his products.

Another issue brought up about Alo time and again relates to how they attempt to be something of a "Death Row Records" of the yoga world, having their contracted ambassadors constantly show off the lavish, luxurious lifestyles they lead with Alo leggings replacing the gold chains. For many young and impressionable yoga practitioners the dangerous stunts, advanced contortion and perfect bodies and model good looks inspire a dream of a life "like that." When Dana shared her opinion on how this wasn't congruent with her values, she got slapped with nearly $200,000 in lawsuits. To be fair, if Alo were really Death Row Records Suge Knight would have just ordered a hit on her (or shot her himself).

The big guns have been drawn at this point, Alo made it clear they will pursue this aggressively but Dana and Kino aren't facing this alone, <a href="">the website Inversion Junkie</a> also recently wrote about this situation and offered a sample letter to send to the FTC. If you'd like to write something you can model it on the following:

<blockquote>“I am writing this complaint regarding Alo Yoga and it’s business practices on social media platforms, specifically Instagram. According to FTC Guidelines, businesses and their partners are obligated to advertise with transparency in regards to their relationships with partners and entities associated with their company. When publishing photos and captions about products associated with Alo Yoga, FTC requires that its partners announce their partnership with the company in the caption itself or by using hashtags such as #sponsored and #ad. Instagram even provides users a platform for which they can disclose their partnership with the company by using their advanced settings within the app. It is well known that the profiles which are the links posted below, are associated with, have contracts, and are paid monetarily by Alo Yoga to promote their clothing products. However, it has been brought to the attention of communities widespread across all social media platforms that Alo Yoga is employing these ambassadors and not requiring them to disclose their partnership. This is against FTC policies and I am asking that you please open an investigation into their business and unethical advertisement practices. I am not associated in any way with Alo Yoga, it’s associates or any of its competitors. Thank you.”</blockquote>

You can help with Dana's fight on the GoFundMe page below:

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Anonymous No. 21043 2018-03-20 : 20:08

I'd put her in the dog position if you know what I mean

Anonymous No. 21051 2018-03-21 : 00:04

I dont know what you mean.

Anonymous No. 21052 2018-03-21 : 00:06

Kino is an inspiration to all

Anonymous No. 21053 2018-03-21 : 00:08

20143 Head out of the gutter position for you. Downward dog, or upward dog are both part of the suryanamaskara sun salutations. They are a great way to wake up, and Kino MacGregor has taught them to millions of people.

Anonymous No. 21064 2018-03-21 : 05:45


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