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Germany Jails Turkish Truck Driver Who Smuggled 51 Immigrants

Germany has certainly turned the corner on immigration. Whereas in 2015-2016 its borders were widely opened, by 2017-2018 that has turned into jail time for immigration smugglers trying to sneak Muslim immigrants into Germany and an Interior Minister stating that “Islam does not belong to Germany” (see our related coverage).

Just yesterday, a Turkish man was sentenced to jail for 2.5 years as he had tried to smuggle 51 migrants into Germany last year.

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According to the German court, the man could not care less about the health and safety of the men, women, and children which were held in the back of his truck as he tried to enter Germany from the Polish border.

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During a routine check at the border, German federal police officers found 50 Iraqis and one Syrian in the back of his truck. The illegal asylum-seekers were hidden in the truck's trailer between unsecured, heavy loads.

Judge Mr. Peter Wolf claimed that the Turkish driver had endangered the lives of the migrants and said that he was indifferent to their situation: "You had the duty to take care of the people you were transporting. You can't talk yourself out of that responsibility."

The case has become notorious in Germany because shortly after being freed from the truck, many of the migrants disappeared from the eastern German town's reception center. Police work under the assumption that they were picked up by relatives who were already living in Germany and then taken elsewhere.


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