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#Breaking: Unsealed Court Documents Reveal More About Austin Bombing Suspect

Court documents slowly filtering to the media are revealing more about the Austin bombing suspect, Mark Anthony Conditt. According to Governor Abbott of Texas, the suspect's cell phone number was also important in identifying him. Among the items purchased at Home Depot were five "Caution Children At Play" signs. The signs were used to connect tripwire that was used to rig explosives. Conditt is listed as 23 years old, despite earlier reports that the suspect was 24.

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Michael McCaul, a Republican congressman from Texas has reported that the Austin bombing suspect bought a good deal of his bomb-making equipment from a Home Depot store in his hometown. McCaul serves as a chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee. Representative McCaul told KXAN-TV that authorities began by backtracing the suspect's step from the surveillance video at a FedEx store near Austin. According to the Congressman investigators then found the suspect's license plate number with which they were able to identify him. Armed with this information they were able to discover the extent of his purchases from Home Depot.

A law enforcement official briefed on the investigation named the suspect as Mark Anthony Conditt. According to law enforcement, the suspect apparently blew himself up overnight as a SWAT team approached his SUV in a motel parking lot outside of Austin. According to partially unsealed federal court documents obtained by AP, agents from the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) were preparing to arrest Conditt Tuesday on charges that he had received, possessed or transferred "destructive devices." No other people are named in the criminal complaint which names Conditt as responsible for offenses from March 2 when the first bomb detonated until Tuesday.


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Anonymous No. 21131 2018-03-21 : 20:24

BEFORE the readers get the mistaken impression that he purchased all the bomb making materials at Home Depot. Please understand the threaded metal Plumbing Pipe and end caps are likely the only items. These extremely common items could have been purchased at any of 100 Hardware stores in the area.

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