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Yes. We are Still Reporting Seth Rich

A former Marine has now been charged in the attempted murder of a popular investigator involved in attempting to solve the homicide of Seth Rich, who was also a special agent working for the Department of Energy.

46-year-old Kevin Doherty was arraigned in court on Monday for the crimes of both shooting the private investigator and Republican lobbyist Jack Burkman in the back twice and then attempting to run him over.

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<span style="margin-top:15px;rgba(42,51,6,0.7);font-size:12px;">Credit: <a href=""> 46-year-old Kevin Doherty, attempted murderer of Jack Burkman, a Seth Rich investigator.</a> </span>

Also strange is that in the official police report, there's “no fixed address” for Doherty, as if he'd somehow a hired assassin.

Burkman has been engaged in following clues on-the-ground surrounding the mysterious homicide of Seth Rich, the staffer for the Democratic National Committee and Supporter of Bernie Sanders campaign, who was killed in Washington, DC after leaking information to Wikileaks, in the neverending case that has millions of Americans demanding justice in what is widely believed to be a politically motivated assassination.

<a href=""> The Arlington County, Virginia Police Department issued the following press release: </a>

<blockquote>”The Arlington County Police Department has arrested a suspect for his involvement in an assault in the 1400 block of Lee Highway. Kevin Doherty, 46, of No Fixed Address was arrested and charged with Use of a Firearm in the Commission of a Felony and two counts of Malicious Wounding. He is being held in the Arlington County Detention Facility without bond.”</blockquote>

<blockquote>”At approximately 6:43 p.m. on March 13, 2018, officers were dispatched to a hit and run collision in the 1400 block of Lee Highway. Upon arrival, it was determined that a male victim was traveling on foot when he was struck by an unknown vehicle. The male victim was transported to a local hospital. The striking vehicle did not remain on scene.”</blockquote>

<blockquote>”During the course of the investigation, Homicide/Robbery Unit detectives developed a possible suspect description based on evidence located at the scene and witness interviews. Members of the Emergency Response Team took the suspect into custody without incident at a residence in the Fairlington neighborhood on the morning of March 17, 2018.”</blockquote>

<blockquote>”This remains an active criminal investigation and anyone with information regarding this incident is asked to contact Detective C. Riccio at 703-228-4180 or [email protected]. To report information anonymously, contact the Arlington County Crime Solvers at 866.411.TIPS (8477).</blockquote>

It's strange to most that a man investigating the murder of Seth Rich, who has been considered possibly being the key to unraveling the “Clinton Crime Family” and exposing the Democratic Party’s elite in a murder-for-hire campaign, was shot in the back, twice, just like Seth Rich.

The events surrounding Seth Rich’s death have to date been able to correlate with the official story from law enforcement, claiming that Seth Rich was mugged in a robbery effort, despite none of his valuables having been taken from his body.

There are also strange reports that Seth Rich was in phenomenal condition at the time of his arrival to the hospital, of which also suspiciously the name of that hospital has never been officially released.

There's been information after Seth's death including the now infamous post on the imageboard 4chan, where an anonymous user claiming to be one of the doctors who treated Seth Rich says he was alive and well when he arrived.

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<span style="margin-top:15px;rgba(42,51,6,0.7);font-size:12px;">Credit: <a href=""> Medical Anon.</a> </span>

Both citizen journalists and independent investigative journalists alike have for well over a year tried to piece together the events surrounding Seth Rich’s homicide, and to which exact hospital he may have been sent to as a result.

Howard University Hospital would have been the closest facility to where Seth Rich was attacked, but unfortunately, that facility does not have a trauma center so it seems unlikely that would have been the destination.

The more logical approach would be to believe that Seth Rich was brought to MedStar Washington Hospital, where the lead director of the Gold Surgery team is none other than Jack Saba, MD, who's been connected to the Podesta brothers via Jack Sava, who is in a relationship with Lisa Kountoupes.

Multiple<a href=""> Wikileaks </a> dumps from the “Podesta Emails” batch show Kountoupes and Sava connections with the Podesta brothers. Sort of a “six degrees” theory, but it's none the less throwing gasoline onto the fire in an already heavily mysterious if not conspiratorial murder, of the man who may have single-handedly exposed both the globalists who fund the DNC and the Hillary Clinton campaign for President.

To make matters more interesting, Kountoupes is also connected to Uranium One, the scandal which was the single greatest betrayal of the American people ever perpetrated by the Democratic Party, via Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, and Hillary Clinton, that forever endangers our national security.

<a href="">The Hill reported:</a>

<blockquote>”Kountoupes Consulting has been hired by Uranium One Inc. to lobby on “issues related to uranium mining and the uranium market.” Uranium One is more than half-owned by Atomredmetzoloto of Moscow. Lisa Kountoupes, former policy adviser to the chairman of the Energy and Commerce Committee, and Shawn Whitman, a former chief of staff to Sen. John Barrasso (R-Wyo.), are working on the account.”</blockquote>

Lisa Kountoupes was at one time considered as being a hired<a href=""> “Clinton Administration veteran,” </a>who also had previously<a href=""> visited the Obama White House </a>at least 29 times, which is an absolute shocker to say the least, considering Obama's handpicked successor Hillary Clinton was in part taken down by Seth Rich’s dumps to Wikileaks.

Then to add insult to injury, Dr. Jack Slava, from the potential hospital where Seth Rich was transported to alive, had himself made 6 visits to the White House, so there's no denying this connection.

All of this certainly doesn't assist in the official narrative that Seth Rich was the victim of a random mugging or robbery, and the public cry for justice only continues to grow.

The Goldwater recently has released a several part series on Seth Rich, after the<a href=""> Father of Seth Rich </a>has now confirmed that he was Wikileaks source.

It has the potential to bring down titans inside of Washington, DC, and it reads like a crime novel with graphic details including subversion, infiltration, deception, and espionage. It's a thriller in this sense as well, from start to finish.

But much like those novels, the ending has left most wanting more.

For Seth Rich's family: seeking that conclusion of preference means justice. Justice that has yet to be served and many fear will never be served.

Now, Ed Butowsky, the man who offered to pay for the legal services of the family of Seth Rich in hiring a private investigator, has given an exclusive interview to The Gateway Pundit in which he claims that Seth Rich's father has privately confirmed he knows his son was the Wikileaks source.

<a href="">The Gateway Pundit </a>says that in a phone interview on Thursday evening with Butowsky that he reflected upon a conversation he had with Joel Rich, the father of the murdered staffer Seth Rich, on December 17th of 2016 at 3:17 PM.

During that conversation, Joel Rich reportedly said that "We know what our sons did, but we just want to find Seth's killer."

"They know, we all know," Butowksy said to The Gateway Pundit.

The Seth Rich case has set off a firestorm in the media, with anyone who attempts to cover it, such as what happened with Sean Hannity at Fox News, being clearly threatened and attacked in an effort to cost them their jobs.

On social media, via Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, and even YouTube, numerous users who would discuss the case would be censored, shadowbanned, or have their accounts suspended for even discussing the death of Seth Rich.

Such a coordinated effort to cover up the death of Seth Rich has been a source of "conspiracy realists," who've demanded that the truth about the death is Seth Rich come to light.

The most common belief is that Seth Rich was working for Wikileaks out of frustration for the crystal-clear sabotage by the DNC and multiple high-profile Democrats to ensure that their "coronated queen" Hillary Clinton won the Democratic Party's nomination for President despite the general public and the majority of the Democratic base supporting Senator Bernie Sanders for the Presidency.

While most Trump supporters also disavow Bernie Sanders, they've strongly supported the Investigations into Seth Rich, in part because Republicans, in general, are sympathetic with how the DNC screwed over Bernie Sanders voters, and also that many of the would-be Bernie voters ended up voting for President Trump out of spite for Hillary Clinton.

Not to mention, most Trump supporters are simply compassionate and patriotic Americans who support whistleblowers like Seth Rich, and his murder was an atrocity that is undoubtedly believed to have been ordered at either the highest levels of the DNC or perhaps in a joint-effort with the intelligence community's "Deep State," as a means of silencing whether Seth knew about the plot to force Hillary Clinton into office.

Be sure to follow in the coming weeks as we continue<a href=""> our investigation into the Seth Rich case </a>, and be sure to support all of the independent media who are still investigating the strange events surrounding the assassination of the man who helped save America from Hillary Clinton.

The narrative of "Russian interference," or even "Russian collusion," is just a code word for the name "Seth Rich," and if you've been following that name, you'll know that he wasn't just a hero, one who should be in the history books as such, but he was fighting to protect free and open elections inside the United States of America.

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