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Shock Video- UK Grandmother Brakes with the Accelerator

A grandmother made the fatal mistake of slamming her foot on the accelerator instead of the brakes as she mounted the pavement, killing in the process a poor pedestrian.

The 68-year-old grandmother identified as Pertpall Sall hit 44-year-old Sonata Saulytyte after her Ford Focus careened onto the wrong side of the road and onto the pavement in Reading, Berkshire, UK, which led to the younger woman’s death.

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Saulytyte was just traveling from Lithuania to visit a niece who was shocked to see her aunt dead on the pavement when she arrived at the scene of the incident.

Sall also hit other pedestrians. As soon as she got out of her vehicle following the horrific incident, the grandmother told spectators that she had “lost her brakes” while rubbing her head.

A video caught the shocking incident where Sall’s black car could be seen careening onto the opposite side of the road and overtaking a car before Sall

Saulytyte, wearing a dark jacket, could be seen horrifically being slammed into railings with bricks from a demolished wall landing on her along with unmoving car at that time. Another man was also shown being thrown into the side of a passing bus before landing on a crumpled heap.

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When the dust from the demolished brick wall settled, men can be seen struggling to get up, obviously in pain from serious leg injuries. Shocked drivers stopped their cars to observe the aftermath of the violent accident that took place on December 8, 2016.

Pertpall Sall had been jailed for 28 months for her crime. The grandmother tried to argue her case and said her victim was already laying underneath the bricks before her wrong move.

Sall’s five children traveled from Dubai to the UK to be at their mother’s side during the hearing. A judge sitting at Reading Crown Court who was shown the footage was not convinced with Sall’s alibi. Instead, the judge pointed that Sall committed a serious mistake that led to tragic consequences.

It didn’t help Sall’s cause. She was not wearing prescription glasses that her driving license indicate she should have been wearing.


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women shouldn't be allowed to drive

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