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I Hope This Self-Righteous, Indignant, Motherless Band of Bastards ALL Lose Their Jobs

Facebook has not been very popular lately but will the negative press and scandal be enough to sink the social media giant? Since Facebook is often grouped with the FANG stocks, (Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, and Google) perhaps the other companies have had enough of the Zucc's antics.

The reality is Facebook was once the leading social media trendsetter, now it seems the company looks to other social media platforms to stay trendy. New "features" such as hashtags and trends used to be the realm of Twitter alone, now Facebook has tried to force them into their experience.

The thing that Facebook has forgotten is social media has to be fast, it has to be easily accessible and people want unfiltered real-time information. When Facebook started curating users timelines they really did a disservice to the whole experience of the platform and marked the beginning of its undoing.

Now, some of the platforms busiest countries are no longer to overlook the company's sidestepping of tax laws and abuse of user information. Recently, Facebook CEO has come <a href="">under fire over a breach of trust</a> with the platforms users.

Even the other social media giants such as Whatsapp have turned on Facebook with the app's cofounder tweeting the hashtag #deleteFacebook. On Wednesday, the former director at the US Federal Trade Commission <a href="">tweeted that Facebook could face fines as high as $40,0000</a> for each of the 50 million users affected by the breach.

Facebook's CEO, or as we like to call him, "The Zucc" because of his uncanny ability to Zucc all the money up around him, sold several shares in the company before news of the breach broke saving himself some 45 million. Sure seems like insider trading but hey, he has to be able to sell his shares somehow right?

It's not the Zucc's fault if the shares slid after he sold them!

Facebook's sole purpose seems to be memes and political rants against Donald Trump now. The memory sharing and spying on your ex-girlfriend is now Instagram's specialty, and if you're looking for news fast and at your fingertips, well that's Twitter's expertise.

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One need only look to statistics for proof that Facebook's inevitable demise is near, but the downtrend isn't new. In 2016, Facebook was not the most popular social media platform among 12-24-year-olds. So while Facebook seems like a giant in its class that isn't going anywhere, the reality is that shifts in technology are often not visible until they are over the horizon and by that time they've already arrived.

Just look at how quickly Facebook rose to power, we saw similar rises in the 1990's with AOL and Yahoo which soon faded into obscurity as the tides changed. Granted they still exist but they are no longer powerhouses in their fields as they were just a handful of years ago.

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And Mark Zuckerburg is no genius, he was a person who happened to be at the right place at the right time. If you really want to know how out of touch with reality the Zucc is, just watch his "VR Safari" through Puerto Rico where he laughs and jokes with friends while people fish their loved ones out of the mud in the wake of the hurricane that decimated the nation last year.

It just doesn't get any worse than that, never mind how Facebook now has every dirty picture or text you've ever sent and they aren't going to just delete it since you left the platform. User demographics, ad watching behavoir, and purchasing patterns are all valuable intelligence in the advertising world.

Twitter: #Facebook #DeleteFacebook #DownWithZucc #TheZuccSucks

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