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Alex Jones: 'I'm Finally Off The Trump Train!'

The video starts with InfoWars host Alex Jones standing in a field seemingly conceding that "you're finally going to get what you want, Soros, CNN. Trump is a betrayer and a liar and he sold us all out." I'm officially off the Trump Train, the well-known supplement salesman and scaremonger tells the camera. He admits that he's now with many other of the "hardline Trump supporters" in believing he should be impeached.

Speaking of which, "hardline Trump supporters" like former InfoWars co-host Mike Cernovich was one of the many "hardline supporters" not only expressing disgust and disappointment but even calling for his impeachment. He then goes on to say that the Democrat and Republican Congressmen who signed the bill were not to blame "it's not their fault." Since most everything Jones says or does is a sideshow distraction and a snake oil sales spiel, I hadn't picked it up yet. It wasn't until he got to the point where he was saying he wished that Hillary Clinton had been elected due to how "strong" she was and that she could <i>literally</i> fly (not like the Wright brothers, he said, as she could fly without a plane). Ok, ok, I'm a bit slow, but I'm beginning to pick up on a pinch of sarcasm here.

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-lang="en"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">Cernovich, grow a pair would ya! We will not be defeated by this BS! Do not foster any delusional thinking regarding Trump and we Americans that have his back! 50 Million American veterans will never surrender our freedoms. <br>Semper Fidelis = Always Faithful! <a href=""></a></p>&mdash; Steven Booras (@BoorasSteven) <a href="">March 23, 2018</a></blockquote>

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The point he's trying to make through this "satire" I suppose is that though he wanted to veto the bill which, among other things, offers $500 million to Planned Parenthood, is because he was being "held hostage" and didn't want to "hold the country up." Yes, I'll concede now that it's possible that this bill was a sort of "damned if you do, damned if you don't" trap. Kind of like the appointment of John Bolton. Bolton is confident and effective, but <i>that</i> is exactly why it should be concerning, or at least that's how it's being spun by Jeff Bezos' CIA sponsored news outlet the Washington Post.

I'll admit, I was never on the "Trump train" to begin with, that said, I'm a believer in common sense and fairness, so when people attack him over stupid or inconsequential matters (two scoops of ice cream, really? that's all you've got?) I am willing to, begrudgingly, come to his aid and play "devil you know's advocate."

Here's a bit of an interesting tidbit by the way, though. Paul Joseph Watson, also of InfoWars, had tweeted as far back as April 6 of 2017 that he was "officially off the Trump Train." Watson tweeted that he was "just another deep state/Neo-Con puppet." #SyriaHoax was trending amongst the conspiracy minded and many who supported the President on his anti-war stance were rightly disappointed at that time, but like Cernovich (who has also flip-flopped in the past several years as far as opinion on the Trumpster goes) and many others are definitely at his throat.

By the end of the video Jones is arguing that Trump has "done more than Reagan ever done" already. Well, Reagan and Trump do have a lot in common. Both were celebrities before they were president. Both were primarily known for their liberal politics before they became "legends of Conservatism" both had a real way with drawing populist support. I suppose there's probably more.

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-lang="en"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">Great piece titled &quot;The March of Tyranny&quot; by Ben Garrison. <a href=""></a></p>&mdash; Christina Tobin (@christinatobin) <a href="">May 17, 2013</a></blockquote>

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Jones is basically playing the Michael Moore to Trump's Obama as he warns the "Sunshine patriots." Cheerleading is all well and good, but I remember a time when Jones was honest enough to admit that the "left-right dichotomy" was just so much bait and switch.


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Anonymous No. 21365 2018-03-24 : 13:56

god damn!!

Anonymous No. 21366 2018-03-24 : 13:57

Eh? It's not April Fools just yet.

Anonymous No. 21367 2018-03-24 : 14:19

There’s nothing good about the Cloud Act and Trump is the one who signed it into law. It’s violating the 4th Amendment and going to ruin the internet.

None of this other shit matters as much.

Anonymous No. 21371 2018-03-24 : 15:20

Congress and Senate being blameless is horse shit but its bad on everyone. Neocon Libs regressive cons I feel another 9/11 coming on.

Anonymous No. 21396 2018-03-24 : 21:10

DJT never telegraphs his intentions so just wait and see.

Folks need to get a grip and read this.

Ratty Rat No. 21408 2018-03-25 : 02:59

I think this is some fake news, taken out of context or something amiss. It smells of a viscous lie

Anonymous No. 21439 2018-03-25 : 11:17

Here is the Electronic Freedom Foundations EFF view on this….

And it is scary…

Anonymous No. 21441 2018-03-25 : 11:27

If you want privacy on the Internet and your communications and viewing …. start fresh.

New public Email addresses and open Private hidden Email addresses using 3rd party locations for access.

Get TOR w/HTTPS and PGP open version source for your communications,

Stop Social Media except for benign topics.

This is basically the Internet version of the Patriot Act on steroids.

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