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Austin Bomber Referred To Himself As A "Psychopath" In 25-Minute Confession

A U.S. congressman revealed the Austin bomber called himself a "psychopath" in his 25-minute recorded confession. 23-year-old Mark Anthony Conditt also said he felt no remorse for the deadly explosions that killed two people and terrorized the city of Austin, Texas.

U.S. Rep. Michael McCaul said the recording left on Conditt's cell phone revealed he was a "sick individual". McCaul also said, "He did refer to himself as a psychopath. He did not show any remorse, in fact questioning himself for why he didn’t feel any remorse for what he did."

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The left-wing media are still scrambling to make the bomber into a racist since the first three victims were minorities despite no mention of a racial motivation in his confession. McCaul is a former federal prosecutor who chairs the House Committee on Homeland Security.

He spoke at a news conference where he thanked law enforcement officials for bringing the bomber's month-long spree to an end. McCaul also called the investigation a textbook example of how local, state and federal agencies should work together despite it taking more than 800 officers three weeks to put a stop to the bomber.

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Police say Conditt planted bombs in different areas of Austin beginning March 2. The series of blasts took the lives of two people and injured several more. Conditt's bomb spree finally ended after a package exploded in transit at a FedEx facility prompting investigators to review security footage to find who mailed the packages.

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The security footage from FedEx captured a man wearing a wig disguise and gloves mailing the two packages in question, one of which unintentionally exploded at the facility before it could reach its destination. Interim Austin Police Chief Brian Manley said he has no plans of revealing the recording of the bomber's confession to the public citing that doing so could jeopardize any future prosecutions.

The revelation of the bomber's identity still has residents of his hometown baffled. A neighbor named Mark Roessler said he got to know Conditt and his father Pat during a remodeling project. The Christian family is highly religious and home-schooled Mark Conditt but Roessler says he was "polite, very quiet and respectful."

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Anonymous No. 21434 2018-03-25 : 10:34

The usual case of ……He said that he said, did, planned etc….

This is the problem with these cases. The Government and the Media get to say ANYTHING they want and the facts MIGHT only come out months later, once they have exhausted all the hype, face time and Ad space possible.

With a Liberal-Socialist Nationwide, Anti-Bill of Rights March planned in a few days. Plus their Political Agenda item now at the forefront in the NEWS. Is it any wonder we are not SEEING the Evidence but hearing HE SAID comments?

Was the guy loony tune? If he was the actual bomber …Most likely.

But remember we never got a peek at his Social Media before it was pulled and polished.

So what was ? Anti-_____ motivation that is the question?

Or as some ask. What is the Political Agenda behind this latest Public safety issue?

What do they plan to ban or register now that has nothing to do with the bombings?

Anonymous No. 21435 2018-03-25 : 10:36

We need to raise the age of Bomb making to 21 … opps he was 23 .

We need to raise the age to 30.

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