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Texas Governor Abbott's Trade Mission In India

Texas Governor Greg Abbott took the 17-hour flight from Austin to Mumbai Thursday to begin meeting with Indian business executives. The Republican governor is scheduled to meet with several top executives on his nine-day trip to India before returning March 30. Gov. Abbott spent one night resting upon arriving at his hotel in Mumbai after which he said he "felt back to normal."

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Gov Abbott wheeled himself into a conference room in his hotel in South Mumbai Saturday and told his close friend Dallas textiles entrepreneur Arun Agarwal he felt great. "Just one night and I'm on India time right now," he told Agarwal who helped him arrange the trip. Abbott's wife, Cecilia Abbott, also accompanied him on the trip along with an entourage of India-based Texas businessmen.

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Abbott met with the executive director and board member of Mumbai-based conglomerate Reliance Industries Ltd., India's largest petrochemical firm. The meeting lasted two hours but Abbott said the Mumbai-based company is not expected to announce any new plans affecting Texas but he did describe the meeting as "a great start" to his trip.

"This is one of the largest companies in the entire world and the largest private company in India," Abbott explained. "They are involved in almost every business sector that exists." The meeting was meant to address Reliance's desire to import more Texas crude oil and natural gas as well as some issues holding up the imports.

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Last year, President Trump ended a 1970's ban on U.S. oil exports allowing Texas to begin shipping crude to foreign countries such as India. Abbott says the move has brought about a need to expand ports in Beaumont, Houston and Corpus Christi to accommodate larger oil tankers.

Hital R. Meswani, a Reliance board member, told Abbott, "They want to buy a lot more [oil] products from the state of Texas." The future of the economy in Texas is looking great and it seems President Trump is largely to thank for that.

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Anonymous No. 21442 2018-03-25 : 11:30

Sure are a lot of World Wide Political Types flocking to India for private meetings and briefings lately?

Hillary, Canada PM, lots of Socialists and Liberals and etc…

Wonder what their agenda is?

Anonymous No. 21582 2018-03-27 : 00:41

WTF!? Man FUCK India and their shitty smelly Street shitting culture!!

Anonymous No. 21583 2018-03-27 : 00:43

I respect that Indians are "smart" n all but I'm sick of seeing these smelly fuckers on college campuses it looks like Calcutta.

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