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Japan – PM Abe Vows To Amend Constitution As Scandal Deepens

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Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe looks west with envy to China where President Xi Jinping has just been named ‘president for life’ as the Communist Party decided to cast their ballots in Beijing’s Great Hall of the People to amend the nation’s constitution, thus paving the way for Xi to remain in power longer than he was originally allowed to.

Mr Abe would like to change the constitution as well, in order to make it a less pacifist one, and thus ensure his own political future. But this is proving more difficult than he would like to.

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Whilst Japan’s Mr Abe is already in his fourth term as PM, it looks like the land buying scandal he is embroiled in might just sink him this time.

As we’ve told you (see our related coverage) Mr Abe and his spouse bought land at a “highly discounted price” and are both summoned by opposition lawmakers to testify in parliament to explain the land sale scandal, something which they have so far denied.

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At the annual meeting of his ruling Liberal Democratic Party, Mr Shinzo stated: “I will thoroughly investigate and show the whole picture of what happened. And I will fulfill my duty by rebuilding the government organisation so that this will not happen again.”

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Meanwhile, in the Japanese Parliament, Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan lawmaker Tetsuro Fukuyama said: "The Abe government's attitude is entirely called into question."

These harsh words come at a bad time for Mr Abe, who was recently re-elected during the fearful times of North Korean missile testing in the fall of 2017, but now has seen his approval ratings fall to the 30 percent range, the lowest since he took office in 2012.

Lastly, every day thousands of protesters gather outside his office, demanding that he would step down soon. And the only thing able to save him at this point would be more North Korean nuclear missile testing, but that looks ever more unlikely.


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Anonymous No. 21477 2018-03-25 : 19:58

Corrupt politicians are a dime a dozen.

Anonymous No. 21555 2018-03-26 : 18:34

Its Abe or the abyss, so he will stay

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