By: Savannah Smith | 03-26-2018 | News
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Michigan- Elderly Woman Killed By Stray Bullet Of Neighbor’s Target Shooting

A man in Michigan’s Riley Township was target shooting at a berm on his property when a stray bullet hit his 73-year-old neighbor and eventually killed her.

The 21-year-old man is neighbors with the elderly victim in the 13000 block of Dunn Road. He could face charges for the woman’s death.

Investigators are hard pressed now to figure out what exactly happened, and how things could have gone miserably wrong.

The husband of the victim said he was in the kitchen area with her when he heard a “loud crack and his wife collapsed to the floor.” Michigan State Police Lt. David Kaiser said the victim was then rushed to the hospital, but

unfortunately did not survive.

Investigators are looking at a weapon with a long-range, specifically something longer than a .22 caliber, which possibly has a range of a mile and a half. The man’s gun was already seized by the authorities as the probe progresses.

The Michigan State Police are working on the case and said that the suspect is fully cooperating with the probe. They also said the man was left “devastated” by the tragic but unwanted event.

Kaiser said he understands the man’s predicament. He said: “It must also be very tragic to the young man that was out target shooting, doing something he enjoyed to learn that he took the life of another.”

The Michigan State Police will endorse their investigation to the St. Clair County prosecutor who will establish if any charges should be filed against the man, which could potentially include reckless discharge of a firearm causing death.

Kaiser also had some thoughts to share with the public. He said: “This is a reminder that when you’re target shooting, even if doing so legally, you need to be aware of what your backstop and what is behind your backstop and where that bullet could potentially travel.”


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Anonymous No. 21537 2018-03-26 : 15:22

sounds like fake newss to justify disarmament dons agenda to kill the constitution

Anonymous No. 21542 2018-03-26 : 15:35

Screwing with the 2nd is a slippery slope that could very well plunge us into very bad times.

Anonymous No. 21564 2018-03-26 : 20:35

A stray bullet from 1/2+ mile away bouncing off something and finding the prefect trajectory to enter a window X ft off the ground and strike 73 Y/O Shirley Pfeil standing at that precise time in the path of that bullet.

YES he was careless and is liable for massive Civil Suit.

But where is the criminal intent for criminal charges?

Even the Police/Deputy at the scene stated this common for this area and NOT ILLEGAL.

I pulled up the Google sat Pic … it is rural/rural (booneys) farm area.

So rural Google does not even have a Drive by view.

"A man named Matthew, who has lived in the area all his life, says hunting and target practice is very common in the community.

"It's just a normal thing around here," Matthew says. "

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