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Back in 2016, Hong Kong Fashion Week saw the launch of a collection from Nashville-based Heritage66, run by Ms Kate Liegey, made especially for and together with Taylor Swift. Thanks to the celebrity status of Swift at that time, the line took off like lightning.

Ms Liegey said the line was seeing “phenomenal” success: “We realized that the demand was just incredible for the store business and we decided to do this show,” whilst adding that hundreds of retailers from places as diverse as Dubai, Uruguay and Mexico had expressed interest in the collection. “Everybody wants the product line.”

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Fast forward two years and Ms Liegey was about to make a clothing line for Kyle and Kendall Jenner, arguably two of the hottest celebrities of the moment. But because of her cooperation with her Brooklyn business partner, those plans are now ruined.

Ms Liegey: “I got totally blindsided. I cried for weeks. I put my heart and soul in it. I worked 18-hour days. I was a one-woman show.”

About to seal the deal for the Chinese territorial sales for the Jenners, who are hugely popular also in Aisa, Mr Gadeh stole the project from her and at the same time simultaneously ousted her from the clothing line now called The Front Row.Studio.

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Mr Gadeh, who worked as an apparel company executive, had decided to fund Liegey after reading articles about the work she had done with Swift.

He promised to pay her a monthly salary of $8,000 but “never intended to carry through on the promises he made,” she now states in a lawsuit.

“I never argued with him. There was no bad blood until just this bizarre end of the relationship. He just said, ‘Get out.’ I was homeless on the street, I didn’t know what to do. I just could not understand why the man would do this to me.”


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geez Armenians are hot but nfortunately these armenians are also karadassians.

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oh no…

Anonymous No. 21595 1522124998

This is fucking news?!

Anonymous No. 21599 1522127809

This news is important to me and my familial clan. We support Kylie Kendall Jenner in all her endeavors.

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I love you Kendall!!!!

Anonymous No. 21867 1522408505

90% bull, 10% substance

How could a ;'successful ' fashion designer be RUINED unless they screwed people massively and for decades in a long line of angry and hostile business contacts?

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Last comment is correct, screwing the workd for years.
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