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Kim Dotcom Sets Sights On Sir John Key

Kim Dotcom, the controversial internet entrepreneur and founder of the website MegaUpload who has claimed to have information on such hot-button controversies as the Seth Rich Murder and Russiagate has now set his sights on New Zealand's Sir John Key. On Twitter yesterday, Dotcom claimed his plan was to take the Prime Minister and his Attorney General Chris Finlayson. All this following the Human Rights Tribunal ruling that the Crown broke the law in withholding information from Kim.

The Human Rights Tribunal's decision may be very relevant to his potential extradition to the US which now sits in the Court of Appeal. According to Dotcom, the information received as of July 2015 was denied him but could be presented as evidence in his favor. Dotcom is being sought by US authorities related to his Megaupload site which was shut down in 2012 after the FBI coordinated a raid on his Auckland, New Zealand mansion.

The rumor mill perpetually churns, but there are those who find the desire of the US for his extradition to be motivated politically, similar to the case of Julian Assange. In short, there are those who believe Dotcom may "know too much." The latest victory for Dotcom sees him win damages of NZ$30,000 ($21,816 USD) for "loss of benefit" and a sum total of NZ$60,000 for "loss of dignity and injury to feelings."

US authorities claim Dotcom and his co-defendants were responsible for upwards of half a billion dollars in losses due to allowing pirated materials to be stored at the site. Gehan Gunasekara, Privacy Foundation deputy chair, believes Sir John and the Attorney General should be in the clear as any order they made was as a result of their official capacities, the charges against the Crown could be a bit trickier though. Dotcom, by the way, is recommending the immediate resignation of the privacy commissioner.


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Benjamin Allen Sullivan No. 21636 2018-03-27 : 15:29

Russiagate is a botched CIA murder operation to have been conducted in Russia planned in conjunction with CSIS (little league CIA of canada) the root of which is the theft of my intellectual property to line their pockets - originally my millions (my Secure Administrative Management System) then my Trillions (the Quantum Technological Revolution that I own – Quantum Radio et al.). The purported leaders of our United States and this Earth have stolen my intellectual property and body and life with the full expectation of my murder (after multiple previous attempts). This is the Truth. I need your help now or I will be killed.

Benjamin Allen Sullivan

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