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Sure He Was Ostracized By Us But Let's Blame The Gun Shows: Emma Gonzalez' Revealing Statements

"Since he was in middle school it was no surprise to anyone to hear that he was the shooter. Those talking about how we should not have ostracized him. You didn't know this kid," she screams, enraged "we did."

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That's Emma Gonzalez, the hero who has been attempting to solve the issue of gun violence and shootings in school. I wonder if she knows that violence and massacres can occur without guns when you push a powder keg to its brink. It seems she at least recognizes or perhaps is just tired of hearing, how this kid was allowed to slip through the cracks. The Parkland shooter was an orphan whose adoptive parents and sister had died, who was bullied in school and ostracized in his community. But Emma wants to make sure Parkland is "the last mass shooting." Ok, fine so when the kids bully an outsider to the breaking point it's going to be a fertilizer bomb in the back of a truck? Hate finds a way, whether it's the type of hate that manifests as physical violence or the psychological violence that can set off physical violence like the tragedy at Parkland.

"Time and time again, we reported him," she explains. I can imagine it now. Ugh, that weird loner kid is being a weird loner again, it's "not just a mental health issue" here, ostracizing loners isn't the problem and besides we're "blaming the victims for what is the shooter's fault." The gun shows, she says, the NRA are to blame, she says. Did the NRA bully Cruz? Did the gun shows ostracize him "since middle school?" And no, Emma, I wasn't paid by the National Rifle Association to point out that bullying kids is wrong and can create monsters.

She admits that Cruz was disturbed and blames "the neighbors" and "the gun shows" and, well, of course, the NRA was to blame. Bullying isn't the problem though. "He wouldn't have killed that many with a knife." Right, ok, you're right, so how about a flamethrower built from a generic lighter and some hairspray? Might not have been as many deaths, but certainly could have been some faces charred to the point that they were forever unrecognizable. Is that what you prefer Ms. Gonzalez?

This kid slipped through the cracks, the system failed him, no one reached out to him except for (judging by his Instagram) some very disturbed and disturbing people who took some sort of sick thrill in seeing a sick boy pushed far beyond anything resembling a safe limit. Emma admits he was ostracized, admits "everyone knew" the kid was the type to do this. Anyone with access to the net who could see his Instagram (a football player still in the school with his IG account private was bragging about his arsenal's size versus Cruz's). Was it the NRA's fault that no one noticed a bullied kid was torturing frogs and his only "virtual friends" were pushing him to further and further degrees of violent ideation?

Sure there were warning signs, but it wasn't their fault. It was the NRA, it was the gun shows. Sure the kids <i>all</i> knew he was a powder keg ready to go off, but "you didn't know the kid." That ostracism was for a reason. And who cares that there were multiple reports to the FBI about his disturbing YouTube posts. Let's blame the gun shows.

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Anonymous No. 21646 2018-03-27 : 17:44

These "activists" were most likely the cool kids club that ostracized the shooter instead of accepted the person. Its no excuse for what he did but most kids want to be accepted and noticed and if they are picked on incessantly and made to feel inferior some might act out violently. Sad if true cause it would point to the popular kids causing the massacre and then getting more notice for the ensuing shit show.

These are the same kids complaining that their right are trampled cause of the clear backpack rule, what about the law abiding gun owners that feel like the kids, media, and dems are trying to strip our rights.

Anonymous No. 21648 2018-03-27 : 17:57

The weird loner kid that was put into Jr. ROTC by who? Who put the weird loner kid into rotc? Who trained him to be aggressive and “better” than everyone else? Who trained him on firearms? Was it Sheriff Israel?? 29 direct sheriiff dept contact calls and 2 FBI contact see something/say something?? The idiotic student rabble rousers have been easily steered by the narrative twisters and protectors of those truly to blame.

Anonymous No. 21649 2018-03-27 : 18:17

El Goblina…

Anonymous No. 21658 2018-03-27 : 20:10

This ain't about guns, ain't about honoring the victims. This is narcissist's wet dream with the media lapping up the ejaculate.

Anonymous No. 21665 2018-03-27 : 20:30

Is Emma Gonzalez a Dreamer by chance?

Anonymous No. 21677 2018-03-27 : 23:21

God dammit I despises this spics vile snarling mug… To add insult to injury she has my motha fucking last name!!!!!!!!!!!! My new last name is "The Artist Known As Kang Boom Shacka Lacka Puffy Daddy Taco Sauce Monkey Wetback Jones Duh 1ST"

Anonymous No. 21678 2018-03-27 : 23:24

She needs the baseball bat facial reconstruction treatment lets see if she wants to ban baseball

Anonymous No. 21686 2018-03-28 : 01:39

Why don’t you fuckers for ONCE write something non-kosher? Link related like everything else on the subject was shoah’d within 24 hours.

>tfw waiting for one of you to grow balls or a brain

Anonymous No. 21687 2018-03-28 : 01:42


>Complains about Kosher

>Proceeds to link to Google

Seems Legit

Anonymous No. 21694 2018-03-28 : 02:42


We're sorry. You can't access this item because it is in violation of our Terms of Service.

Find out more about this topic at the Google Drive Help Center.

Yeah, so I don't know what exactly you're talking about, but I'm all ears, for sure ifyou wannna share with the rest of the class.

Anonymous No. 21702 2018-03-28 : 04:25

Sure, let's not address a culture of bullying and how the same kids asking for sympathy were the same ones who bullied and picked on the shooter, not saying he was justified just that its ironic

Anonymous No. 21734 2018-03-28 : 11:43

So the 190 Million Firearms users that own 10+ Billion rounds of ammo and do so peacefully should dump their 2nd Amendment God Given Right to Self Protection.?

Because …. a documented Mental Case that the Government at local, and Federal level had 37 chances to stop and failed?

Because the students and school system had 100's chances to neutralize him and failed to act?

Because his family should have committed him at 16 (3 years earlier) and did not due a $800k Trust spending control issue.

Because his fellow students terrorized and bullied him in school which likely increased his emotional & Mental Illness situation?

Because several of the more vocal ANTI-AMERICA / ANTI Bill of Rights speakers were also those bullying the shooter?

Because a Snot Nose, Shaved Head, Bi-Sexual 17+ y/o paid Anti-American Liberal actor, is on a Fascist power trip?

Because Boss Hogg's Fascist Fist salute and use of the F-Bomb in his demands?


It now should have become clear to anyone with open eyes. The NRA is not to blame it is :

Liberal School crimes handling Policies.

Liberal Mental Illness handling and reporting policies .

A clear failure of the Family greed, School policies, Local, & Federal Law Enforcement.

Family knowing his mental issues still allowing Firearms around him.

Media for attacking the US Constitution and painting a narrow picture of events and blame to accomplish their Liberal agenda.

And the whoever is bankrolling these teens, protests and demostration.

They are not just after #2 ….it is just their Starting Point.

Did I miss anything before a say…….


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