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Photo credit: Mendocino County Sheriff's Office

Six Siblings Were Reported To Police Before They Drove Off A Cliff

Six children from the same family were killed when their vehicle plummeted off a cliff into the ocean, according to Sheriff Tom Allmon of Mendocino County. Allmon confirmed three of the children's bodies have been recovered but the remaining passengers have not yet been found.

To add to the mystery surrounding the tragic incident, investigators say there are no brake or skid marks on the road leading up to the cliff but officials have not confirmed the crash was intentional. A married couple consisting of two women, Jennifer Jean Hart and Sarah Margaret Hart, adopted the children and are believed to have also died in the crash.

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A couple in Washington state who lived next door to the family say they called authorities when they became concerned that one of the children was not being fed. Bruce and Dana DeKalb reported to Child Protective services that one of the children named Devonte Hart had been coming to their house too often to ask for food.

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Devonte, a black child, received widespread attention when he was featured in a photograph hugging a white officer during a 2014 protest of a police shooting that killed a black man. Devonte's adopted parents bought a two-story home in Woodland, Washington with two acres and a fenced pasture in May of last year.

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The DeKalbs say there was another incident with the Hart's children that disturbed them when one of the young girls rang their doorbell at 1:30 a.m. asking for protection from abuse. Bruce DeKalb said, she "was at our door in a blanket saying we needed to protect her. She said that they were abusing her."

California officials say they believe all six children from the family were in the vehicle along with their parents when it plunged off the cliff. Special crash investigators are working the scene for clues but are baffled by the absence of skid marks. Sheriff Allmon confirmed a passer-by called 911 to report the crash but investigators are still unsure about exactly when the crash occurred.

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Anonymous No. 21787 2018-03-29 : 07:43

I wonder why no red flags went off when the kids were running away to escape abuse or begging for food.. Just two white ladies shopping for black kids, nothing to see here they are lesbian, protected class

Anonymous No. 21793 2018-03-29 : 10:09

So to put this clear terms without others having to read between the lines.

2 possibility mentally unstable Lesbians adopted and PC collection of kids and may have decided to murder them.

Anonymous No. 21826 2018-03-29 : 18:06


by Kevin Ryan

Two women fleeing Child Protective Services after being accused of child abuse have driven their SUV off a cliff in California with their 6 adopted children inside. Authorities tonight now say they believe all eight people are dead.

The women, domestic partners from Woodland, Washington, have been identified as Jennifer Hart, 39, who was driving, and Sarah Hart, also 39. One of the six children, Davonte Hart, was the child in a viral photo seen hugging a Portland officer after the Ferguson protests in 2014.

Last Friday, neighbors of the family called Child Protective Services to report their suspicions of child abuse. One of the Hart’s children, they say, made a daily habit of sneaking next door to ask for food, often multiple times per day. He said his mothers didn’t feed them, withholding food as punishment, and that he and his siblings weren’t allowed to go outside. The six adopted children were all homeschooled.

Child Services visited the home to investigate the allegations, but the Harts refused to answer the door. A few hours later, neighbors said the family took off.

On Monday, their car was discovered at the bottom of a 100-foot cliff in California. The car had landed upside down. There were no survivors. The California Highway Patrol investigating the crash didn't find any skid or brake marks in the road, but say they have not reached any conclusions on the cause.

It’s not the first time the couple had been investigated on suspicion of abuse. One of the mothers pleaded guilty to charges of domestic assault in 2011, after police in Minnesota said Sarah Hart hit one of her daughters. The girl’s teacher had called police after seeing bruises on the six-year-old’s stomach and back. The girl later told a detectives that her mother had hit her.

Hart was sentenced to 90 days in jail but wasn’t required to serve any of the time if she followed the terms of her probation.

The Harts entered the public spotlight in 2014, when they took their children to a Black Lives Matter rally. Then 12-year-old Devonte was at the rally holding a sign that said ‘Free Hugs’. A white police officer came over to talk with him and asked him if could have a free hug. The hug was caught on camera, and went viral after it was posted on social media.


Bee No. 21833 2018-03-29 : 21:18

Never met a lesbian that wasn't unstable.

Q_Tunnel_Dog No. 21835 2018-03-29 : 21:32

The hidden parents of these kids heard about the abuse and plotted their death - those who died were the abusers, those missing were returned to their parents.

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