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Kino MacGregor Blocked By Alo Yoga In Wake Of Current Scandal

The Alo Yoga scandal continues to heat up, the latest involves some aggressive blocking on the part of Alo. Kino MacGregor speaking out on behalf of herself and Dana Falsetti raised quite a stir that has led to thousands of yoga fanatics speaking their mind against the "Goliath" of big business yoga.

Kino reports, via her Instagram page, that after her blog was published at Elephant journal, @aloyoga claimed @yogainspiration at Instagram. They blocked Kino in order to silence her from voicing her opinions at their official page and have "still pursued aggressive legal tactics against me for speaking out." In addition, Kino warns that if you've spoken up and been banned by @aloyoga you're likely also already permabanned from posting at @yogainspiration.

That said, Alo has several #ad pages (many of which don't disclaim that their sole purpose is Alo yoga ads. @yogagoals hasn't been claimed as an Alo affiliate so if you're banned from posting at the main two, this may still be an option. Until that is, you start speaking your mind, sharing stories like this one or raising a stink about the yoga behemoth's questionable tactics.

Keep in mind, by the way, all Alo Yoga and Cody App have to do to make this all go away and end the scandal that is igniting the whole of the online yoga community is drop their lawsuit against Dana Falsetti for speaking her mind. I am sure the lawsuit was lodged because they didn't like the idea of negative press. Well, the negative press certainly isn't going to stop until they call off the dogs. As always, we will be keeping up with all the latest developments on this story.

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Hey Jim why are you letting kampfy kill /pol/?

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