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Under Armour Caught in Major Data Breach Affecting 150 Million Customers

The athletic sports giant known as Under Armour has now been caught in a major data breach, that affects the privacy and personal details via information through their MyFitnessPal application service.

Shares of the company dipped 3.8% as a result of the shocking news after the company informed both its sportive goods and nutritional based customers of the major breach.

According to Under Armour, passwords, usernames, email addresses, and hashes were all affected.

Under Armour claims that no payment details have been affected as per the breach, nor any person's government identifiers such as driver's licenses, state identification cards, or social security numbers, since the application doesn't collect that type of data from users.

In a series of emails sent out to customers, Under Armour stated that they were first made aware of the major breach on March 25th of 2018, when the company realized that an unidentified and unauthorized party accessed the data back in February.

Under Armour ensures its customers that it's working to upgrade security and protect the privacy of those who use their services, but during a day and age where such breaches are becoming increasingly common in the world of tech, risking the privacy of customers and clients.

As a result, the company is now urging anyone using their MyFitnessPal application to immediately change their passwords to prevent any further attempts of intrusion into the customer's data.

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Anonymous No. 21841 2018-03-30 : 01:02

Don't forget their health info is in there. Big Pharma?

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