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Drunken, Twice-Deported Illegal Alien Charged in Vehicular Homicide of a Bicyclist in Alabama

More shocking news coming out of the deep south surrounding an armed and intoxicated illegal alien who law enforcement say is responsible for a fatal hit-and-run crash which killed an American citizen in Daphne, Alabama, which is around 10 miles from the much larger city of Mobile.

To add insult to injury, law enforcement with the Daphne Police Department stated that the illegal alien, Jose Luis Alonso-De Leon has been previously deported from the United States of America on two separate occasions.

Alonso-De Leon not only ran over 48-year-old Amy Hawkins as she was riding her bicycle along County Road 13 in Fairhope, but after hitting the innocent women he then fled from the scene of the crime on Sunday.

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Emergency medical responders would pronounce Hawkins dead on the scene, as authorities spoke to witnesses to obtain a description of the vehicle used in the atrocious murder.

Fairhope Police immediately began a manhunt for the vehicle responsible in the murder, and later would locate Alonso-De Leon near the Baldwin Shopping Center on Greeno Road.

Authorities also say that upon the apprehension of Alonso-De Leon, he was found to both be in the possession of a stolen firearm, as well as heavily intoxicated under the influence of alcohol.

Police say that the suspect also has numerous illicit aliases, and that as of this time they're unsure as to how immense his criminal history may be as a result.

"We have him listed under seven different aliases," said Baldwin County Assistant District Attorney Teresa Heinz."It will be a long process for us to go through each and every one of those aliases. We're going to have to rely a lot on fingerprints and prior photographs taken during the booking process in a variety of different jails."

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Now, an entire family is mourning the loss of the Alabama woman, who was merely enjoying her freedoms in the Great United States of America, and had that ripped from her as well as her family by a federal criminal illegal alien who should never have been inside the nation in the first place.

Such atrocities continue to occur in the United States of America, all while Congress ignores the will of the people to fund and build President Trump's Border Wall along the southern boundaries of the nation.

Amy Hawkins is now the latest tragic statistic to add to the seemingly endless database of American citizens murdered at the hands of illegal aliens, as the invasion of our nation continued.

Alonso-De Leon is now being charged with Manslaughter, as well as other misdemeanors for driving under the influence of intoxicating substances as well as failure to yield, and driving without a license.

He's currently being detained in the Mobile County Jail on a $500,000.00 bond, and there's no word yet as to whether the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency will place a detainer on him for potential deportation.

Typically, in an Alabama court-of-law, a suspect is held for several months after arraignment, if they fail to make bond, awaiting trial.

No amount of time incarcerated will ever return Amy Hawkins to her family, nor will there be any legitimate justice to protect future American citizens from the dangers of federal criminal illegal aliens until the GOP-led Congress provides the President of the United States of America with the funding required to build the complete border wall the Trump Administration has proposed.

At The Goldwater, we're sending both our deepest thoughts and prayers to the family and loved ones of Miss Hawkins during this terribly difficult time.

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Anonymous No. 21840 2018-03-30 : 01:00

We need to chip these bastards, upload their criminal history and make it impossible for them to have any rights at all in our country… legal or not.

Dana Destro No. 21874 2018-03-30 : 12:29

This guy should get the death penalty.

Deportation? How does that work. No penalty..just deport. Screw that. Set an example here!!

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