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Photo credit: Bartow County Sheriff's Office

Criminal of the Month: Dudeman Rampages with Flamethrower

A Georgia man who probably has some serious anger or temper issues has caused a respectable amount of damage in a matter of a few hours. The chaos started with a simple argument and ended disastrously that saw two cars being toasted and two houses roasted.

Bartow County police say that the suspect Randy Weaver got into an argument with his wife about the ownership of a truck in Cartersville, Georgia on March 9. The shocking thing for the wife was that shortly after the verbal altercation, Weaver rammed another vehicle through a fence and onto her porch on that morning. The wife got so scared as she thought Weaver was actually trying to run her over.

The wife’s terror-filled morning did not end there, as barely a few minutes after, she smelled burning plastic and saw her porch on fire. Weaver has set their house on fire, resulting to the residential place’s total loss according to Bartow County fire investigator Sgt. Jessie Green.

One would think Weaver has done enough harm in just a short while but it turned out he was not done being “the destroyer” yet. Police and fire officers were dispatched a short while later to another burning residence, with Weaver as the culprit again. The next “home victim”’ was that of Weaver’s sister, Johnnie Houston.

Police narrate that Weaver’s sister at that time has also gotten into an argument of her own with her boyfriend and a roommate after she accused them of having an affair. Weaver arrived to witness the heat of the verbal tussle. The madman then pulled out a homemade flamethrower and threatened to set the house on fire and burn his sister’s boyfriend alive.

Not content with that, Weaver next set his own truck on fire and then rolled it into the boyfriend’s truck, causing both vehicles to catch aflame before turning the flamethrower to the porch as well.

Paul Gass, Houston’s boyfriend, told the police later that Weaver shot the flamethrower at him twice before making the threats to burn him and the house down. He later told the local media that he really feared for his life with what Weaver did. He said: “Oh my God. That’s my worst fear, burning alive.”

The flamethrower was later discovered to have been rigged from a propane tank, torch, and regulator.

Sgt. Green said the worst could have happened: “It could have seriously injured some people, anybody around if it had exploded.”

Weaver and his sister fled the area just as police and firefighters were struggling to sort out what exactly transpired on the scene.

Weaver surrendered to the police after briefly being on the run. He was taken to jail and will face four felony arson charges.


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Anonymous No. 21839 2018-03-30 : 00:55

I don't know. I kinda like this guy's style.

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My kind a flamer.

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