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Muslim Township Sanctions Public "Revenge Rape" Of 16-Year-Old Girl

A heinous rape was repaid by another heinous rape, but this second rape was a "revenge rape" that was sanctioned by community leaders. The Police in Pakistan have arrested 12 town leaders for sanctioning a public rape of a 16-year-old girl as revenge for another rape.

The disturbing ordeal began when one man, suspected rapist Wasim Saeed, raped a 12-year-old girl and then asked the victim's family for forgiveness. Police say the two sides agreed to pardon the crime if the rapist's sister was allowed to be raped by the initial victim's brother.

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That's right. That is how this town decided to handle the rape, by letting the victim's brother rape the perpetrator's 16-year-old sister. The "revenge rape" occurred in front of 12 people at a meeting between both sides where the rape was sanctioned. The original rape that began the incident was carried out in front of the 12-year-old victim's parents and 40 members of the village council.

95-98% of Pakistanis are Muslim, are these really the kind of people we want to leave our borders open for? The liberal left would have these people enter the country illegally, obtain drivers licenses, food from the state, money from taxpayers, and then when the federal government comes in to deport them liberal cities like San Bernadino shelter them from federal authorities.

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"Revenge rape" isn't a once in awhile occurrence either, so-called village councils commonly prescribe horrific crimes against women and girls, often as revenge for acts committed by others. When people from countries like Pakistan immigrate to the U.S., they don't leave their primitive traditions at the doorstep.

People are being allowed to enter the country illegally who don't have any intentions of assimilation, who hate America, and don't have any concept of the freedom, or the constitution this country was built on.

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