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Seattle Man Invents A Chair That Converts To A Bulletproof Vest

A Seattle man has invented a portable chair that doubles as a bulletproof vest in a pinch. The gun debate continues after the recent high school shooting in Parkland, Florida, and this startup says it has a solution to gun violence in the form of a bulletproof vest you can sit on.

The product is made of several high-tech layers of plastic fabric called Prydwen that can stop handgun bullets from at least 20 feet away. The product also comes with an optional plate that can stop a high-powered rifle round that inserts into the vest. Aaron Ansel is the founder of the startup called Practical Protection and he says the Prydwen can be used for public outings, offices, and schools.

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The creator designed the product to convert quickly from a portable chair to a vest but says he wishes he didn't have to create it. "The market is unfortunate. It’s not a product that I even think should have to be on the market, but for me, it’s mostly about the technology. It’s the fact that we have technology that’s available to stop extremely high-powered guns," Ansel said.

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Mass shootings are a reality that many have had to face, just last October the Las Vegas shooting claimed 50 people. Investing in a bulletproof vest with some discreet functionality might be a good idea. The Prydwen vest sells at the companies website <a href=""></a> for $100.

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Anonymous No. 21868 2018-03-30 : 11:19

OK at least someone is trying to do something for self defense, besides just attacking the weapon type or means used.

Note: Yes the chest is a critical area that needs to be covered. But with the 30+ min Medical response times to victim treatment we have seen, that leaves several critical kill points exposed for the rest of the 60+% of the body.


Something needs to be done to Secure Our Schools (SOS).

We need to design schools NOT to be a Killing Field.

We need to design in safety in future schools.

Buzz in Electronic lock access doors to the entrances

Panic buttons that place the school in lock down and immediately notify the Emergency Response Teams.

Steel LOCKABLE doors

Shooter/Terrorism trap areas.

Because no matter what is done about restricting or Banning something being use to kill.

Nuts and Criminals will always figure out a work around or means to accomplish their goal.


We also have a openly Far Left Radical Socialist Political element growing in the United States.

They openly have called for the break up of and elimination of the USA.

A growing number are what we call the "DC Swamp"

They want to redesign the USA into a open borders Globalist United Americas (South/Central/North).

Which means they need to be able to control an unwilling population.

Historically such Socialist political movements have resulted in 9% to 14% of the population being murdered in the span of 4 years to achieve control. In the USA that equals about 1 Million murders per year they need to accomplish their goals initially. Then there is upkeep of putting down Freedom Fighting Patriots.

We must remember each new Ban or Restriction the Left seeks to impose will serve to drastically inhabit and impede only honest citizens from their ability for self defense.

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