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9th Circuit Judge “Liberal Lion” Reinhardt Dies - Trump Gets Huge Appointment

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The Anti-Trump 9th Circuit Court has been one of the enormous problems for the President of the United States of America Donald J. Trump - and now one of his leading adversaries in the left wing courtroom has passed away - with the far-left “Liberal Lion” Judge Stephen Reinhardt having died at 87-years-old.

Reinhardt was as far left as they come, once voting to declare the "Pledge of Allegiance" unconstitutional, a ruling that was of course inevitably overturned.

President Trump has been at odds with the 9th Circuit, who have attempted to shut down every method of the President's “travel bans” in the past, even prompting the Trump Administration to suggest they're willing to challenge the ruling in the Supreme Court.

The San Francisco-based court has also prevented the President from cutting off funding to “Sanctuary Cities,” despite the fact that Sanctuary Cities are in direct violation of Federal Immigration Law in the first place.

"First the Ninth Circuit rules against the ban & now it hits again on sanctuary cities-both ridiculous rulings. See you in the Supreme Court!," the President tweeted at the time of the dispute in April of 2017.

Reinhardt himself has been somewhat of a “progressive icon,” being appointed originally to the position by Democratic President Jimmy Carter in 1979.

"He was deeply principled, fiercely passionate about the law and fearless in his decisions. He will be remembered as one of the giants of the federal bench. He had a great life that ended much too soon," said Ninth Circuit Chief Judge Sidney Thomas.

Having spent an astounding 37-years on the bench and in robes, Reinhardt has also personally struck down California's same-sex marriage ban, despite the people of the United States of America and California having voted to keep gay marriage illegal, in support of traditional values.

It's being reported that Reinhardt died of a heart attack during a visit to his dermatologist on Thursday, and funeral preparations are already underway by the family.

This is a monumental moment for the President of the United States of America, who will now be able to appoint a strong, healthy, young Conservative Judge to the Southern California bench, changing the way California rulings are decided for potentially decades to come.

Asked once if he was upset with the Supreme Court, Reinhardt responded "not in the slightest!" the paper reported. "If they want to take away rights, that's their privilege. But I'm not going to help them do it," he said.

Reinhardt was born in 1931 in New York City, and later earned a bachelor's degree from Pomona College, followed by a degree from Yale Law School in 1954. He also served honorably in the U.S. Air Force until 1956, and then later went into private practice in Los Angeles until 1980.

Whether or not you agree with the politics of Reinhardt, he was one of the most influential Judges to ever preside over a court of law, and his history and time on the bench have had an enormous impact on America. As to whether that impact was positive or negative, you'd base your judgment upon your political and ideological perspectives.

There's no word yet on who President Trump is considering for the position, but this is one of the largest victories for Republicans in decades, being able to Leventhal a completely left wing courtroom from interfering in the agenda of Conservatives for years to come.

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Anonymous No. 21937 2018-03-31 : 09:26

All Trump has to do now is get a new appointee confirmed.

Anonymous No. 21943 2018-03-31 : 09:59

We really need to put age limits on all Federal Judges (65-70) this 80+ is stupid.

At some point it is obvious that their law clerks are running the show and spoon feeding the aging judges (eg. SCOTUS Justice Ginsberg) their findings.

Plus, I would toss in the judge must pass a physical and mental clarity test annually after age 60 or any serious health issues are discovered and cannot vote during such exams or issues.

We need to remember this is only 1 of the what 7 9th dist federal Far Left judges.

BTW: Go for it Trump…

Linda Ackerman No. 21990 2018-04-01 : 01:36

Great So sick of LIBS

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