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Miscarriage of Justice: Pulse Nightclub Terrorist Wife Noor Salman Acquitted

The Pulse Nightclub shooting is one of the most widely recognized intentional targeting and mass murders of homosexuals in American history - and as Omar Mateen has long since been remembered as the evil Islamic terrorist responsible for the tragedy - there's shocking news that his wife - who is also believed to have had advanced knowledge of the shooting - has been found not guilty of all charges in relation to the case.

Some are calling the decision a gross miscarriage of justice, with others absolutely furious that with such a high number of casualties, 49 total killed and an additional 50 injured, that this woman who could have prevented the atrocity is now a free woman.

Criticisms have surrounded the Democratic Party in the wake of the shooting, with Hillary Clinton having brought the father of Omar Mateen to a campaign rally during her 2016 Presidential bid, a slap to the face of the many gay Democrats who lost friends and family on that horrific night if the shooting.

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Many actually credit the lack of respect by Hillary Clinton in not denouncing Omar Mateen’s father to a new age of gay conservatism rising across the country, as homosexuals realized that the Democratic Party didn't care about them or their lives, but merely used them as voting statistics to bolster their numbers.

Noor Salman, the 31-year-old widow of Omar Mateen, was reported to have begun crying as the acquittal against her was read aloud in the courtroom.

Law enforcement first took Noor Salman into custody in January of 2017, nearly six months after the June shooting at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando which brought about horror and misery for so many American lives.

Some have suggested that members of the family would open a civil suit against Omar Mateen’s widow, with others wanting to target his father as well, the Afghanistan politician and power broker who is so well connected to the Democratic Party, as seen in the footage with Hillary Clinton.

Noor can go home now to her son, resume her life and try to pick up the pieces from two years in jail," Salman family spokeswoman Susan Clary said.

Prosecutors had argued that Salman aided Mateen ahead of the killing spree, only to later lie to the Federal Bureau of Investigation during interrogations and interviews, but clearly, that wasn't enough to shift the decision in a court of law.

Salman’s relatives said they were heartbroken for the victims but thankful that Noor was a free woman.

"It's Good Friday for everybody," said Al Salman, an uncle. "I want to say thank you, Lord, for giving my niece (freedom)."

Salman defense attorney Linda Moreno also offered her consolidation to the families of the victims, but stood by the innocence of her client, and praised the acquittal as being a rightful measure.

"We're very grateful to this jury and to the Orlando community," she said. "Maybe this was the only community that could do this."

This is certainly not going to please a lot of people, who firmly believe Noor Salman not only assisted Omar but knew about his plans long before the horrific shooting.

Those who believe this will likely never forgive Salman and continue to feel as if the prosecution, and the courtroom, let an accomplice to mass murder walk free.

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Why are muslims coddled and kid gloved in the West?

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