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Malaysian Shoppers Went Gaga Over Victoria’s Secret Sale

While some parts of the world were in quiet contemplation with the closing of a Christian important holiday, some Malaysians had their own version of a “Holy Week Madness.”

Malaysian shoppers went crazy over the weekend sale of the local outlet of popular brand Victoria’s Secret offering a special discount on one of its perfume collections.

The store offered a special discount on Fresh Escape Mist Collection originally priced at $20 and offered on sale for only $7.50. Huge number of shoppers trooped to the local stores and pandemonium practically broke as people went wild screaming with excitement and anticipation for the said sale, and trying to outwit each other trying to get inside the store ahead of each other. Worried store staff became uncertain of their capacity to control the crowd and had to close the doors to prevent further chaos.

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Many took to social media to criticize the shoppers’ unruly behavior over just a sale. Social media users said the shoppers acted “uncivilized” and became too aggressive, and belittled that they did so over just a simple product as a body mist.

One Facebook user could not help but draw comparisons with the shoppers wild behavior with the fervor of religious stuff, saying it would have been justifiable or understandable had people shown the same eagerness if they were attending a sermon or a religious talk instead. Incidentally, the Christian world was celebrating Easter over the weekend but while there is a small Christian segment of Malaysian society, the country is predominantly Muslim.

A video clip of the chaos went viral with hitting nearly a million views.

It is not clear if the sale was limited to just the body mist collection, and did not include the popular underwear collection of Victoria’s Secret. Still, local media dubbed the chaos that took place as “panty-monium”, an obvious play on the brand’s possibly most-known product and pandemonium.


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