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Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Buys Out Entire Hotel for Bay Area Visit

The Crown Prince of oil-rich Saudi Arabia, Mohammed Bin Salman, arrived for a visit to the U.S. the past weekend. He’s in the Bay Area for a meeting with Silicon Valley’s biggest hitters.

The prince has to have the best accommodations, of course, while in town. So what does one awash with cash do? Not only did he opt to stay in the posh Four Seasons Hotel in East Palo Alto, in the best suite, but that he bought out the entire hotel for the duration of his 6-night stay in the state.

Other guests had to be relocated to other neighboring hotels or other Four Seasons properties. The hotel staff made such revelation to local media off-cam.

The hotel was given only a short notice of the royal visit from the U.S. State Department- in fact, only last week. Such poses a “problem” for the hotel since there have been prior bookings by other guests. But exclusively getting the hotel for his and his entourage’s use is a piece of cake for the crown prince as money talks, of course.

Naturally, too, with such a VIP guest who bought the entire hotel for almost a week, security at the place and the neighboring areas will be tight as expected. The crown prince also stopped traffic and made heads turn while in Seattle before arriving in the Bay Area.

In Seattle, Salman visited Boeing and had a private meeting with billionaire Bill Gates.

The royalty from the Middle East is visiting Silicon Valley to specifically meet with Apple CEO Tim Cook and top executives at Google. Salman has strong interest in making his country a major tech hub.

The trip is seen as a good sign for the U.S. and American businesses, consistent with President Trump’s focus with the economy, and reclaiming the prime position of the U.S. in the global economic stage.


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Anonymous No. 22144 2018-04-03 : 07:03

Throw him off of a rooftop… It would be ironic since it's in the gay area.

Anonymous No. 22158 2018-04-03 : 09:51

OK so we understand this is in the simplest terms.

He and hotel violated 1/2 dozen laws by forcing already booked and using customers to seek accommodations elsewhere. Because the hotel wanted 100% occupancy for 6 days with likely 10% of the usual labor upkeep.

I wonder how many workers got sent house for the week WITHOUT PAY?

Anonymous No. 22171 2018-04-03 : 11:36

Why give him such importance? Then again Trumps economic plan is working! #AmericaFirst indeed

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