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Netanyahu Reneges On Migrant Deal

Well, that didn't last too long. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has already decided he is going to renege on a deal he made with the UN refugee agency to give thousands of African migrants temporary status in Israel. The clock has been ticking since the February announcement that asylum seekers from war-torn African nations could leave willingly with the state's blessing, a ticket to a "safe" Sub-Saharan nation (most likely Rwanda according to reports from Israeli media) and a $3500 stipend as thanks for getting out of their hair. Those who decided not to take the deal would face either forced deportation or potential "indefinite detention."

<blockquote>“Every year I make thousands of decisions benefiting the State of Israel and Israeli citizens. Occasionally a decision is reached that has to be reconsidered,” he said at a meeting with anti-migrant activists from south Tel Aviv, where many of the migrants reside.

Netanyahu said that after consulting with activist leaders, as well as with Interior Minister Aryeh Deri, “I have decided to cancel the agreement. Despite the mounting legal and international limitations, we will continue to act with determination to exhaust all of the options at our disposal for expelling the infiltrators.”</blockquote>

Netanyahu is worried that an influx of migrants could set a bad precedent and that “The government of Israel will never succeed in the future in persuading people that infiltrating into Israel isn’t worth it."

Ironically, this is exactly what many nationalists and proponents of ethnostates have been saying for years, evidently if you're not Jewish this line of thinking is considered racist, extremist and supremacist. The compromise, as is, primarily was to resettle thousands of migrants in Western countries like Canada, Germany, and Italy and to let a few have temporary status while logistics were being worked out.

In one of three statements, he made regarding the matter in the last 24 hours he had planned to move the migrants who would have been granted temporary status to kibbutzim and agricultural villages away from Tel Aviv as part of the plan.


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Linda Ackerman No. 22180 2018-04-03 : 12:50

I agree with him we just can't put citizens lives at risk

Anonymous No. 22191 2018-04-03 : 15:24

All countries should be sovereign with secure borders, without secure borders you don't have a country especially if these invaders are allowed to participate in government and elections.

I have zero issue with persons/families that want to immigrate for a better life but they need to be able to support themselves and dependents. Rapeugees that procreate while waiting in camps should be automatically ejected.

With the #'s of islam refuges fleeing whatever they are afraid of, they have the numbers to enact change in the shithole they are fleeing. So if it was me I would be organizing like minded people to fight the oppressors.

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