By: Savannah Smith | 04-03-2018 | News
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Nanny Who Killed 2 Tots Says “God Will Save Her” Since It Was Her First Crime

The nanny on trial for stabbing to death two Upper West side children in her care gave an incredibly wild reason to jurors behind her confidence that she will be acquitted as “God is going to save her “because she’s never killed anyone before the 2012 gruesome slayings.

A forensic psychiatrist identified as Dr. Karen Rosenabum testified on cross-examination to say that the accused Yoselyn Ortega “is a religious person and knows that killing is wrong and would never want to kill anybody.”

Rosenbaum added before the Manhattan Supreme Court that: “It’s my opinion that she has no memory, that she loves the children, that she didn’t want to hurt anyone.”

Such statement got lead prosecutor Stuart Silberg all riled up as he countered: “You’re saying she couldn’t have killed them because she loved them?” Rosenbaum acted offended and replied: “You don’t need to yell; we are both just trying to do our jobs.”

Ortega working as nanny in 2012 allegedly stabbed to death two small children she was taking care of while their mother was out, then slit her own wrists in a failed suicide attempt.

The children’s then 36-year-old mother came home after running errands in the afternoon and walked into Ortega in a pool of blood in the kitchen. She rushed to find her children and discovered them in the bathroom with several stab wounds in their small bodies.

The kids were still breathing when they were rushed to St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital Center where they were pronounced dead on arrival.

Ortega is mounting an insanity defense, and Rosenbaum said that she believes that the double murder of Lucia Kim, then 6 years old, and her brother Leo, 2 years old on October 25, 2012, “wasn’t intentional” and that supposedly Ortega merely “gave into the hallucination of the voices commanding her to kill.”

In an earlier hearing, Ortega also claimed that she was “being courted by Satan” in the month before the horrific slayings. Rosenbaum also quoted Ortega as saying as she was in the hospital after the double murders that “I felt like the devil was possessing me, wanting me to be his.”

The forensic psychiatrist also said that Ortega claimed to see a black shadow that was following her. Ortega also claimed hearing voices to kill herself and others, including the poor children.


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Diane Suevo No. 22198 2018-04-03 : 16:01

Death penalty. 2 children are dead. Too bad that she has no memory. Sit in prison until your death. She has to be put away.

Linda ACKERMAN No. 22199 2018-04-03 : 16:07

Put her Down

Jollee No. 22212 2018-04-03 : 20:09

She needs to be in Prison, who knows what the voices will tell her to do next, nah…

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