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Breaking: YouTube HQ Shooter Identified As Nasim Aghdam

Tuesday's shooting at the YouTube HQ left three wounded and now the assailant has been identified as a YouTuber herself. The NBC Bay Area Investigative Unit confirmed the identity of the shooter as Nasim Aghdam, a user of the video sharing platform who often ranted about the company's suppression of her channel.

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That's right. A YouTuber went after the company after she says YouTube "discriminated and filtered" her content. In a video posted by Aghdam, she says the company routinely suppressed her channel which once got lots of views but she claims after being filtered by the company it received far fewer views. A video featuring her rant about not getting views can be seen <a href="">here.</a>

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YouTube's headquarters is in San Bruno, California which is where Aghdam initiated her assault using a handgun. She was able to shoot three people, all of whom are expected to survive, before turning the gun on herself and taking her own life. In a 2017 Facebook post, Aghdam said, "There is not equal growth opportunity on YouTube."

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Aghdam even had her own website at where she often posted videos about animal cruelty which showed animals being skinned alive, bullfighting, a music video by Michael Jackson, and even one video featuring Bill Clinton announcing a vegan diet. Aghdam's vehicle was found at the YouTube headquarters parking lot Tuesday, the license plate matches one in a video she posted in 2014 where she says it was vandalized by "anti-vegans" for having a sign that said, "meat is murder."

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Most of Aghdam's social media profiles have been taken down already, but there are still several working links on her web page which show she was very invested in veganism and media creation. Aghdam's attack on the YouTube headquarters seems to be a retaliation for not "suppressing her channel" and not getting enough views.

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Anonymous No. 22253 2018-04-04 : 03:51

I bet skinning animals is her thing.

Anonymous No. 22254 2018-04-04 : 03:52

is she even a girl?

Anonymous No. 22256 2018-04-04 : 04:11

Kinda looks like a Hogg with lipstick and a wig. Not the squealing type.

Rattyrat No. 22257 2018-04-04 : 04:17

It appears she was upset they filtered her content. Look like things are changing? Maybe the shoe is on the other foot in this one?

Anonymous No. 22261 2018-04-04 : 04:38

Father: Ismael Aghdam

Apparent trouble over the misuse of Electrical Worker's Union Pension Funds - Federal - case filed 2010

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