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Michael Savage: Second America-Mexico War Already Underway

Highly respected radio personality and political pundit Michael Savage has a warning for Americans - that the second Mexican-American war is already underway - and with recent news surrounding the threats from socialist caravans of Illegals heading in the direction of America - most scholars would agree.

Michael Savage, an intellectual genius, and host of The Savage Nation has been one of the few pundits willing to discuss the impending invasion of the United States of America by would-be warriors from our Southern neighbors of Mexico.

In fact, those familiar with the term<a href=""> <i>Reconquista</i> </a>understand that radicalized nationalist sects or Mexico not only have the intention of reclaiming the American Southwest from the United States of America, but that some of them are willing to go to war over it.

As per<a href="">v"Poniatowska: 'Avance de español e Hispanos es Como Una Reconquista',” </a>in a 2001 article on Latin American web portal Terra entitled in English "Advancement of the Spanish language and Hispanics is like a Reconquista (Reconquest)," Elena Poniatowska said:

<blockquote>”A U.S. media outlet recently stated that in some places like Los Angeles, if you didn't speak Spanish, you were 'out.' It's sort of a Reconquista (reconquest) of lost territories that have Spanish Names and were once Mexican.”</blockquote>

<blockquote>”[With a cordial tone, taking pauses, and with a smile on her lips, the Mexican writer commented with satisfaction the change that is happening in the U.S. with regards to the perception of Hispanics and the progress of the Latino community in migratory movements]”</blockquote>

<blockquote>”The people of the cockroach, of the flea, who come from poverty and misery, are slowly advancing towards the United States and devouring it. I do not know what is to become of all this [in reference to the supposed racism that can ostensibly still be perceived in the U.S. and other countries], but it [racism] seems to be an innate illness in mankind."</blockquote>

There is absolutely zero doubt in anyone's mind that various sects of Mexican supremacists, cartels, gangbangers, and even the Mexican government, receiving funding from global criminals such as George Soros, want to overtake, or in their eyes “reclaim” the regions of the Southwestern United States.

It's happening now. Michael Savage is absolutely correct when he suggests that we're in a war, but the good, modern, and oftentimes ill-informed people of America have no idea this is occurring or that these threats exist.

Michael Savage has considered a Congressional bid against the infamously destructive and incredibly dangerous Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein in California, according to sources, and he's been increasingly outspoken on these issues that should matter to each and every patriotic American citizen.

For one, Savage knows the region, and as any Conservative in California will tell you, there's an undying desire from these illegals and the Democratic Party to subjugate the way of life if all people in the region, effectively destroying the civilization built by Americans and the prosperity that decades if not centuries of our ancestors have sweat and bled in creating.

"They have invaded us with the poorest of classes, the people that cannot be taken care of by that country have been used by them," Michael Savage said on his broadcast. "Behind the wave of the women and children came the gangs. These gangs have invaded our streets, have killed people, flooded our streets with heroin, flooded our streets with the worst kinds of drugs. Crime is out of control."

There are areas of California where you literally have to speak Spanish to communicate when going out into the general public, and other areas so flooded with heroin and gang violence that you can't go pump gasoline in your car without being harassed by a drug-addict or street punk without fearing that your life is in danger.

This isn't an exaggeration, this is a way of life in many areas. In just two decades, those areas have turned from average American cities which have normal crime problems into almost wastelands of degeneracy and criminal behavior.

The war against traditional values is a part of this, and the other half, backed by radicalized Marxists of the Democratic Party, is trying to normalize the ideas of having illegal aliens rule over them.

For some time, Americans were forced to accept the insane idea that illegal aliens, who are federal fugitives, have “rights,” and now the Democratic Party in California has gone as far as<a href=""> hiring an illegal alien </a>to a taxpayer-funded position.

That's right America, 33-year-old Lizbeth Mateo, whose salary is being paid by taxpayers, is an illegal alien. The audacity of this is beyond comprehension.

If you don't see that the “Reconquista” is occurring and that the plans of the likes of the<a href=""> militant La Raza sects </a>are being fulfilled, then you're certainly wearing blinders.

Not only does the United States of America need to place the Armed Forces along the southern border with Mexico, but we need to build the border wall proposed by President Trump because the threshold for invasion is continuing to diminish with each passing day.

Hard narcotics are literally pouring into border downs, and cartel violence has even escalated in many cities across America that border Mexico. Bodies turn up in those cities, and the media doesn't blink an eye.

Not to mention the countless thousands of good American teenagers who've lost their lives at the hands of the heroin and methamphetamine that pours in and is sold in almost every community across the nation.

When Savage tells you that this war has already begun, he's only speaking the untold reality that most Americans have an unwillingness to discuss, for fear of being labeled as mean-spirited or racist, or whatever argument the left throws at them next.

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We have to say “enough is enough” America, and we have to take our country back.

A good start is voting out the RINOs in our Congress and replacing them with “America First,” Trump-agenda supporting candidates, but the next step is organizing and preparing.

Buying firearms and ammunition is a must for every Constitutional Conservative in this country right now, because one day, maybe sooner than later, you'll need that to defend yourself from the incoming horde of Illegals.

It's never a bad time to consider the safety and security of your family, but it's always a bad idea to wait until it's too late to act.

If Michael Savage tells you were in a war, then America, we are in a war.

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