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France - Strike Chaos As Travellers Climb Through Train Windows To Get Home (Video)

The French unions are pushing hard to get the government of President Emmanuel Macron to let go of his reforms for the public sector, and the strikers are becoming angrier by the day, fighting with police , just as students are doing.

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Meanwhile opinion polls show a divided country. French citizens have a knack of sympathy for strikers, believing that it is a basic right. But they also realize that this will go on for months and even though they are willing to put up with the disruption to transport for the first few days, many wonder what this will look like in a week from now.

The answer to this question is crucial to President Macron’s capacity to push through these (and even more) reforms during the rest of his five-year mandate.

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In Paris, people got desperate yesterday as the number of trains that was driving slowed down to one per hour and many just wanted to get home after a day of work or school. Videos of people being forced through the windows of full trains became widely shared.

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So far, President Emmanuel Macron’s government has mentioned it will not bow down or put anything on the table.

Leftwing leader Mr Jean-Luc Mélenchon claimed that the country was witnessing the “start of a social power struggle almost unknown in France”.


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Anonymous No. 22407 2018-04-05 : 12:59

If the train is going slower than walking pace why are these idiots clamoring to get inside the train? Maybe they think the train is magical and without being on said train one cannot get home. The French??????

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