By: Steve Dellar | 04-06-2018 | News
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Mexico - Politicians Fuming Over US Troop Movement At Border

Politicians in Mexico united in their condemnation over US President Donald Trump’s decision this week to deploy the National Guard at the US-Mexico border, a direct result of the large ‘caravan’ of illegal immigrants (mostly from Honduras) that was heading to the US without direct interference of Mexican officials.

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The decision by the US president to send up to 4,000 troops to enhance security was slammed as a populist ploy both by the current Mexican President Mr Enrique Pena Nieto as well as the two leading candidates in the country's July presidential race.

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According to Mexican President Mr Nieto such "threatening attitudes and a lack of respect" for his country from the current White House administration were regretful, as he believed Mr Trump was clearly jeopardizing an already troubled relationship between the countries just to score points with his base.

During a national address, the Mexican President said: "If your recent statements are caused by your frustration over internal political matters, your laws or your Congress, take it up with them, not the Mexican people."

"We are not going to allow negative rhetoric to define our actions."

The current frontrunner for the Mexican presidential election in July, the leftwing Mr Lopez Obrador claimed that Mr Trump’s decision was based on misinformation: "He's using all this campaign against Mexico as propaganda, that is the only way I can explain that he's trying to send military forces to the border."

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Mr Ricardo Anaya, currently second-place in the presidential election polls, stated: "You cannot negotiate or cooperate with threats."

"We must make it clear to President Trump that Mexico and the United States can continue to have a profitable relationship, of mutual benefit, or move into a confrontational relationship, where we all lose."


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Anonymous No. 22479 2018-04-06 : 10:58

Time to cross and start depopulating the area

Anonymous No. 22483 2018-04-06 : 11:40

Since Mexico wanted to play politics with their own Southern border.

Since Mexico allowed 1000+ illegals to cross their own Southern border in violation of their own immigration laws.

Since Mexico, despite NAFTA can't manage it only economy and poplution.

Since Mexico cannot manage the Drug cartels.

Since Mexico Mexico officials collect bribes 10x 20x their salaries several times a year to look elsewhere.

Since Mexico has failed to control, address and enforce all to the above placing the USA in the position of a injured party.

I say screw how Mexico feels.

They have failed control their own borders and enforce their own laws.

Now that the USA will finally protect its own citizens, and Borders. Mexico will be forced to clean up its own house instead of using the USA as a dumping ground for its social and criminal problems.

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