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Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) DESTROYS CNN, Calls Out ''Invasion by Foreign Nationals''

The surge of illegal aliens inside of America coming from outside our nation has often been described as a premeditated takeover - and Representative Mo Brooks (R-AL) said exactly that on “fake news” CNN today - but the leftist network lost their mind when he preached the truth.

Representative Mo Brooks is an Alabama native, and Southerners especially have felt the toll of illegal aliens inside of our nation, as they're oftentimes losing careers and job opportunities in competition with federal criminal illegal aliens who work for less and as a result take away potential tax revenue for both local, State, and the Federal governments which would otherwise be receiving their cut of every worker in America.

As a result, the South has had a rise of patriotism and support for the 45th President of the United States of America, albeit Alabama especially, where Donald Trump won a whopping 62.1% of the vote during the 2016 Presidential election.

Southerners have a way of living that's unlike the rest of America, where the values of the Holy Bible and traditional family life come together with a dash of “Southern hospitality,” a certain respect for others where we pay attention to the needs and concerns of our fellow man and take care of each other.

Under the reign of the eight disastrous years of the Obama Regime, that way of life was threatened, as the rise of social justice warriors, atheists who would attack religious beliefs and holidays, and the Democratic Party’s desire to allow illegal aliens to roam freely throughout America became a prevalent mindset of many in politics.

Mo Brooks, as Alabama residents can tell you, is an honorable man with a “take no prisoners,” and an "America first” mantra. So when CNN anchor Alisyn Camerota brought the Alabama native onto her show “New Day” on Friday, she had no idea just who she was dealing with.

Alisyn Camerota thought that she would bait Representative Brooks by quoting a recent statement from the Southern politician on the George Soros-backed socialists who made headlines as a “caravan” of illegal aliens heading through Mexico into the United States of America.

Camerota read Representative Brooks statement:

<blockquote>”I fully support President Trump’s use of our military to secure the border against invasion by foreign nationals. Recent highly publicized caravans of thousands of foreigners heading for America’s borders emphasize that it is past time for Congress to reform laws that entice and reward foreign nationals who illegally invade America.”</blockquote>

Suddenly, the liberal “fake news” anchor took the phrase “invasion by foreign nationals,” and thought she would virtue-signal her way into appeasing the handful of people who were watching the show, asking Representative Brooks why he used the words “invasion” in his statement.

“Because that’s the word that applies,” Mo Brooks fired back. “If you go to Webster’s dictionary, it absolutely fits that definition.”

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“These folks come into the United States of America illegally when they cross our borders. They don’t do some kind of legal formal application process from another country to assert asylum to come into America,” Brooks added. “Often what you see is they cross our borders illegally. Then they’re advised by lawyers to say the right things that need to be said in order to be able to stay in the United States of America, and the net effect is that it’s costing us $116 billion a year in net tax losses at the city, county, state and federal level. And we don’t have that kind of money.”

Mo Brooks is correct on multiple fronts.

First, the soaring costs of illegal immigration are given an official, low-balled number of $116 billion annually to the American taxpayers.

President Trump's proposed border wall is estimated at around $25 billion, and that's a permanent solution to prevent the scourge of both criminal illegal aliens, narcotics, arms, and any other threats from pouring across our border.

“It’s also costing our American and lawful immigrants jobs and they’re suffering from wage suppression because of the huge surge in the labor supply,” Brooks stated. “Whatever name you want to call it, refugees, immigrants.

This is what matters most to Southerners, and should matter to Americans in coastal cities as well, where illegal aliens take nearly 2/3rds of all construction jobs because they'll build something for half the price in labor, and have twice the manpower.

Ask an ironworker, as a carpenter, or ask a brick mason just how many illegals are competing with their heavy, labor-intensive, oftentimes dangerous trades.

These are good, hard-working American citizens being robbed of their livelihood by illegals. I've seen it with my own eyes, and I'm sure many others reading this right now has as well.

The overall savings from ending these ridiculously high costs of illegal aliens inside of America by building the wall is monumental, and that's money that could be used to benefit citizens of this nation or our infrastructure, which in turn would create even more jobs <i>for Americans</i>.

Let's lay out three definitions of the word “Invasion,” as defined by<a href=""> Oxford Dictionary </a>below:

<blockquote>”An instance of invading a country or region with an armed force.“</blockquote>

<blockquote>”An incursion by a large number of people or things into a place or sphere of activity.“</blockquote>

<blockquote>”An unwelcome intrusion into another's domain.“</blockquote>

What part of 1,100 illegal aliens attempting to violate the federal immigration laws of the United States of America, by illegally crossing into our nation, and <i>demanding</i> they're granted asylum, is not an invasion, Alisyn Camerota?

Of course, Camerota would go on to try and defend “immigration,” which isn't what we're discussing in the first place.

We're talking about a wild pack of illegals, who are criminals and have no intention of following our laws in the first place.

Many of those will come and take American jobs for less, but a formidable amount will also engage in illicit activities such as drug trafficking or human-smuggling, which pay even more money.

Some of those criminal aliens will go on to rob, rape, and murder Americans. The statistics speak for themselves, and the amount of headlines being reported where illegals commit murder or even rape children is undeniable.

These liberals, especially the ones on CNN, are literally insane. They're so out-of-touch with Americans that even several cities in California have now joined in with the Attorney General of the United States of America, Jeff Sessions, is suing the State of California for the Unconstitutional bill signed by Governor Jerry Brown granting federal criminal illegal aliens, who are fugitives from the law, free-range to roam throughout the “Sanctuary State” of California.

Camerota argued, “Immigration is the backbone of our economy,” again trying to contort illegals with those who migrate within the limitations of the law.

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“You’re talking about immigration which is different from illegal aliens. Let’s make sure- if you’re talking about lawful immigration, we have the most generous lawful immigration policy on the planet,” Mo Brooks stated. “Nobody is as generous as the United States of America. What we’re talking about right now is illegal aliens over and above lawful immigration.”

Even migrant workers and those who've obtained citizenship legally will tell you that permitting “Sanctuary” to illegal aliens are a slap in the face to the massive hurdles they've overcome in assimilating into our nation.

The Democratic Party at this point has really pushed even their most loyal of west-coast supporters away with their audacity to defy the Constitutional rule of law in America.

Just a dozen years ago if you told the American people that this type of invasion was the plan of globalization supporters within the radical Democratic Party, they'd call you a “conspiracy theorist.” Here we are in 2018, and that's exactly what the Democratic Party has done.

We will not stand for it. Representative Mo Brooks is right, and more Americans should stand beside him and speak the opposition to this chaotic, criminal ignorance of our nation's laws.

They have to go back. It's not negotiable.

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