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Georgia- Missing Man Found Wrapped-Up in Hidden Grave

A man has gone missing since March 29 and the mysteries surrounding his disappearance may soon find some light as a body found in a hidden grave may be his. Walton County authorities have tentatively identified the body discovered wrapped in plastic on Friday as belonging to the missing adult male.

Authorities are withholding the name of the victim for now while waiting for the medical examiners at the Georgia Bureau of Investigation crime lab to perform their own probe. Walton County investigators, however, confirmed making three arrests in connection with the recovered body. The case, however, is far from over.

Investigators had been searching in the scene near Walker Bennett Road since Thursday and on the same day made two arrests related to the death. A third arrest was made on Friday morning when the body of the victim was found.

Investigators have yet to share pertinent details but they confirmed that none of the suspects are charged with murder- or at least, not yet.

Two of the suspects for now are facing drug charges while the third is facing an evidence tampering charge related to what is now a murder investigation.

Two of the suspects also happen to be father and son. The son is also the owner of the property where the missing man’s remains were found. Two of the arrests took place in Walton County while a third occurred in Asheville, North Carolina.

Investigators said they are not actively looking for more suspects for now related to the case, but are not exactly ruling out the possibility of more arrests either.

The Walton County Sheriff’s Office promised a major update soon about the developments in the case.


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Anonymous No. 22672 2018-04-08 : 17:07

Close to my local. Will do some digging in Madison monday

Anonymous No. 22673 2018-04-08 : 17:09

Opps meant Monroe Ga. Know bunch WCFD…

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