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Photo credit: Monroe County Sheriff's Office

New York: Mom Decapitates 7-Year-Old Son

Three deputies scrambled to race towards a Town of Sweden in western New York on Thursday night after receiving two frantic calls about a suicidal woman armed with a knife. On their way to the scene, they got another desperate call urging them to hurry because someone had been injured.

The deputies were confronted at the scene by a large kitchen knife-brandishing woman. Demands for 36-year-old Hanane Mouhib to drop the weapon were ignored, so the deputies were forced to use pepper spray and a Taser in her to disarm her and prevent her from causing harm to the other people in the house.

But the biggest shock for the deputies came after they had Mouhib in custody with a grisly discovery. They found the decapitated body of a young boy in an adjacent room. The victim was later identified as the 7-year-old son of Mouhib, Abraham Cardenas.

Authorities are still at a loss as to what could have caused the horrific crime. Monroe County Sheriff Todd Baxter said: “There’s absolutely no explanation for us. The word ‘evil’ comes to mind…this is a mother who took her son’s life.”

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Unfortunately, it was also a terrible incident that could have been prevented as there were relevant warning signals involving the state of Mouhib’s mental health in the past months.

Deputies had been called to the same location twice last month when Mouhib herself called 911 to ask for assistance.

Baxter said that on March 5, Mouhib called for help, apparently recognizing that she was having mental health issues. Deputies then brought her to an area hospital. Only three days after that, Mouhib again called 911 sharing to the dispatchers that she was not feeling right.

Mouhib was taken to Rochester General Hospital where she received treatment from March 8 to 26. It is not clear why she was cleared to go home.

Authorities said there were actually no warning signs or indications that preceded the fatal stabbing of the innocent child. There was no fight or altercation before the gruesome killing of the boy.

Baxter said it that the fatal stabbing occurred in one room on the first floor of the house while the others were in another room. The family was just as shocked with what happened.

Five people were inside the house when Abraham was killed including another child, Abraham’s father and Mouhib’s husband, the boy’s grandmother and his 10-year-old brother. No other relatives were injured. They were also the ones who made the call to 911. It is not clear why they were not able to prevent Mouhib from harming her own child, considering there were adults in the house including the husband.

Mouhib was arraigned on a charge of second-degree murder in Sweden Town Court Friday morning. She pleaded not guilty and is being held in the Monroe County Jail without bail.

She is scheduled to return to court on April 11 but the case will first be presented to a Monroe County grand jury.


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